There are two options for membership - free membership (Registered Member) and 1 year paid membership (Paid Member).

1. Free club membership but you pay 500yen/event (paid via PayPal/card before the event or to event organizer).

2. Or one year paid membership (1,000yen) and events are free (best).

Free members (usernames are red) can upgrade their membership to 1 year paid member any time (events free) . In your profile menu look for Action > Paid Subscriptions, then just follow the information for 1 year membership. After completed you will see your username change color to blue and you will have a new group name - "Paid Member".  You need to use a credit/debit card and PayPal.

1. REGISTER - Click Here!             1. 会員登録申請書 - ここをクリック!

You must register and agree to the club conditions to become a member. One account is valid for only one person.
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