Registration Agreement

OCJ terms and conditions of club membership
Outdoor Club Japan (OCJ) アウトドア・クラブ・ジャパン

You must agree to these terms and conditions to become a member of Outdoor Club Japan:

You are 20 years of age or older (or younger with written parental permission).
OCJ is a volunteer organization and event organizers are not professional guides. You alone are responsible for your own safety, possessions, and travel.
OCJ does not have insurance to cover injury, death, loss or damage to property, or travel problems. It is recommended that you arrange your own insurance.
You agree that Outdoor Club Japan is not liable for any cost of accident, injury, damage to property, or travel costs related to events.

You agree to abide by guidelines displayed in the 'Information' pages of the website and the 'Club Rules' section.

Read the club rules (クラブのルール) page before joining:

Information Pages

You understand that you cannot use OCJ to promote other clubs, company tours or 'for profit' events.
OCJ reserves the right to terminate membership at any time for breaking these terms and conditions, or other membership guidelines in the information pages - including behaviour which may create disharmony or bring OCJ into disrepute.
Any amendments to these terms and conditions in the future will be emailed to you.

Membership is only 1000yen/year (events are FREE).