Club Rules クラブのルール (updated)
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See also, the OCJ Terms and Conditions of club membership on the registration page

Club Rules

Consideration and polite behaviour is expected on events and on the website.

Do not post moral, religious or judgemental opinions using the mailing list or website. If you would like to give your opinion to a member then please send a private email.


The club may refuse membership, or remove it, if people cause disharmony or bring the club into disrepute.

Outdoor Event Organization & Costs
The club is 100% volunteer.
Organizers can ask participants to contribute to the cost of maps (all in 1 trip or 100yen), safety equipment (cost of ropes etc), phone calls and costs related to organizing the event.

YOU are also a volunteer - do not ask the organizer to check everything for you. You are also responsible for helping with planning and during the event.

Event organizers will get FREE OCJ MEMBERSHIP  0 yen (after current membership is finished).

OCJ is a non-profit club - events are cost price for everyone.

You cannot promote profit events (yours or your friends). Sometimes commercial tours are used like rafting but you cannot receive any reward for taking members on such tours (or a friend).


You cannot use OCJ to solicit members to join other outdoor groups or profit events.

You cannot disclose members' email addresses (without their permission) or misuse personal details obtained while being a member of OCJ.

The organizer is usually right! Please follow their advice.

If you are not the organizer , do not try to take control of an event or try to change the event plan or lead people along another route unless there is a situation of danger and you are more experienced than the organizer. Always discuss any changes with the organizer in private to find a solution first.

If you are upset do not argue in public on events.

Discuss problems with the person or the organizer quietly, away from the group.

Car Use

Any charges for use of member's private cars should cover gas and highway charges only - not car use. Any cost should be discussed with other members before the event. Club management and members have the right to ask for receipts to prove costs.

We now have a new system to allow car drivers to go free or at reduced cost following car use rules:
Se the Club Announcement section topic:


Guest on club events

Guests cannot join OCJ outdoor events - everyone must register on the website to complete the safety agreement (terms and conditions).

At all other times, members who invite guests on events and organizers who allow them are breaking club rules and will lose their membership. Rejoining the club will require payment of a fine (paid by both).

Delete your own private information posted on events

Within 2 days after events, you must remove your own personal information from event posts (email address and phone number). If the Administrator has to do it there will be a charge.
Private contact information can be sent through the private message system.

Private (selective member) outdoor events

We would prefer outdoor events to be sent to everyone in the club using the mailing list but members can organize private events with each other - up to six people in a group. Over this number is considered discrimination against general members - choosing only people they like. Do not use events, the club website, or message system to arrange private outdoor events.


What is the point of joining a club, only to find out that many events are private. You have to be invited to get on them? Are you suitable? We would like events between members to be public.

We do not want 'private' groups, or mini clubs in OCJ. Private events of up to 6 members should be enough but if people want to make a bigger group for a special occasion they should inform the club management so there is no misunderstanding.

In a poll, over 80% of club members voted against private group events.
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