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To Jurga.

In your blog it shows 'yuzawa-funsento' (湯沢噴泉塔) - the waterfall and sulfur vent. The camp spot and wild onsen I am talking about is 1-1.5 hours before that - Hirogawara no yu (広河原の湯). People camp at the wide pebble and sandy area a few kilometers before it. There is concrete block and pipe with hot water coming out and usually lots of blue sheets.
We walk to the sulfur vent as an extra hike.

On yamarecco a Japanese post has map times but going down.... 1.5 hours. It is not much different going up but say, 2 hours.

12:05 広河原の湯
13:40 平家平温泉

I do not recommend using the road route as they did going up.
As I am in UK I cannot help ... people need to help each other and go together. It is quite a simple event to plan. Usually 0710 tobu train then mie-oto-buchi onsen bus is  about 30-45 minutes after arrival at Kinugawa onsen.

Hiking trail is on the Nikko map.
It is usually 2 hours - done many times. But if you do not know the path and there is damage then it takes longer.... depends on level of people also. There is plenty of time before dark - should arrive by 3pm.
Now is a good time to go - if not rain as it will affect the river and you need to cross it and camp near it. Autumn is the best though... usually 2nd or 3rd weekend in October. Call local onsen to check colours.

It was voted the second best wild onsen in Japan in a magazine - see attached pdf scan. The guy in the magazine photo is faking it - never hot in that part of the pool...

A few more photos from 2015 also.

If some posts the event it I will check the details over.
Hello OCJ, Andy!

New member as well, Marc from France. Actually I have been registered for a while but it never worked so I can join one of your trips...
Brief introduction: I am working in Tokyo for a year (7 months already!) as a postdoc, I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and generally other outdoorsy stuff :)
I have quite a bit of experience backpacking in general, and even some in the Japanese mountains by now (I spent the Obon holidays in traversing the South Alps). I have a tent and camping gear at hand!

I am totally down for this, when do you think you'd want to go? I'd be happy to help putting this together, and maybe lead, but that'd be my first event with OCJ so I am not too sure about how it works.

Let me know!
Hi, guys! :)
I am new club member - Jurga from Lithuania.
Me and my husband went to this place last autumn (November) when we were hiking in Okukinu. The place is just owesome!!! One of the best spots I have ever visited in Japan. Highly recommended, but definately not for the very beginners. We found out about it from the old posts of this club. I am not sure, when was the last time you visited the place, but I could provide some info if needed. More photos could be found on our blog (unfortunately in Lithuanian language):

I would like to mention few things, that could be worth keeping in mind.
1. It is not very easy hike and takes really more than 2h from up river. Actually, it took us about 4h (at least 3h) to the campsite near the wild onsen. I have to add that we were moving fast because it was getting dark. Usually we hike faster then trail offered time. The path is about 5km, but there are many ups and downs, crossing the river several times (that takes time - we had to take our shoes off, because water was cold in November).
2. The path was not repaired for couple of years definately. Therefore, sometimes it was not very easy to find the path. In some parts path is washed away from the hill side, so you have to search for it near the river (crossing it sometimes). At that time, there were colorfull ribbons hanging on the trees - helped us a lot.
3. We reached the campsite in around 4h, spent the night there and in the morning hiked further to Funsento waterfall (leaving our stuff at the campsite). It took around 1h to get from the camsite to Funsento waterfall. I can't even decribe how amazing is that place! Waterfall has a cozy blue water pool that should be awesome to jump in on the warm day.
4. Locals told us, that there are pretty many black bears around Okukinu, which usually are afraid of people. But just as a precaution I would take bear spray or at least bear bell :) Also there are many wild monkeys - we met a group hanging around :)
5. Take some candles! It would make a great atmosphere near the onsen, so you can enjoy hot water romantically at night ;)
6. In Okukinu area there are few very nice ryokans with beautiful onsens, so if there is some time after the wilderness, it is worth to try those onsens. Mixed gender - everybody naked.

If I understood correctly, the date of hike is not yet decided - sometime around mid October. Maybe we could join and lead, but I have to discuss about this with my husband :)

If somebody has some questions about the place - don't hesitate to ask!
This is one of the best trips in Kanto. It is still good in summer as the area is cooler so you can enjoy the free wild hot spring. You need to camp there as it is not a 1 day trip. Though the best time is middle of October.


Camp free by river, make your own bath with blue sheets provided there - enjoy relaxing in hot pool day or night (great star view). Cook there on fire or stove.

Up river about 1.5 hours is a"national treasure" (湯沢噴泉塔) large sulfur vent by river. Very beautiful and baths can be made nearby too. There are several places to make baths but the best is the first one where the river bed is wide and water comes out of the bore hole pipe (広河原の湯).

All details can be found in previous OCJ events usually in October - search for "Okukinu wild onsen".

OCJ events:

Cheap Tobu train for Kinugawa Onsen - bus from there. Total cost about 6,000yen.

Heikedaira bus stop (平家平温泉) before Mie-oto-buchi onsen.

GOOGLE MAP - onsen valley and wild onsen

Online Photos

Someone needs to post and organize meeting, lead people. The path is shown on the Nikko hiking map in the top left corner. It is easy to follow but last time the path was damaged by rain - probably repaired now... but I recommend this is only for intermediate hikers (no beginners). The path goes over the river on bridge about 70m from bus stop, through the forest beside the river (higher up). Later it goes down to the river then back up. It is easy to see and follow. After 1 to 1.5 hours it reaches a concrete dam, then it crosses the river several times... look for the path on the other side. River is usually 20-30cm deep so need sandals to walk across then put boots back on. About 2 hours to camp spot.

I will upload some better photos later from 2014/15.
I would like to go !
Title: FR. 11th Aug: Tanzawa River Swim, Easy Hike/Walk, Picnic

A place just north of Tanzawa lake has a beautiful turquoise pool and very clean water there. There are very very easy hiking paths around here to waterfalls.

1. Get off the Tanzawa Lake bus at the visitor/ nature center - last stop.

2. We can ask about waterfalls in the center... free maps and sign posts from there - too easy!

3. The blue turquoise pool is in a small stream about  1km up the road north just past Shiro-ishi campsite. Small stream on the right (east side). walk up there on trail next to river about 10-20 minutes.


Event Grade (イベント等級)

Fitness and technical level 0-1 - Anyone can do.

Sign up conditions and contact details  (参加の条件と連絡先詳細)
Reply on this website by 3pm on Thursday, Aug 10th

Things to Bring (持参もの)
Swimwear, food and drinks.
Trainig shoes ok.

Travel Details, Meeting Time & Place (旅行の詳細)
Code: [Select]
Let's meet at Odakyu Line, Shin matsuda station

Odakyu train from Shinjuku (maybe) to Shin-matsuda. Nishi Tanzawa lake bus from there.

Code: [Select]
バス 新松田駅 to 丹沢湖

Bus schedule:

Option 1. Get bus at Shin matsuda at
Code: [Select]
Option 2. Get bus at Shin matsuda at 1035

Cost (費用)
Cheap train (780en) and bus 1050en oneway
I would like to join!

Title & Date (タイトル, 日付): Saturday, July 29: Okutama Waterfall hike, Kawanori Yama (川苔山 滝 ハイキング)

We had to cancel this trip last month because of rain. So, again, I am proposing the trip to Hyakuhiro waterfall and Kawanori Yama  on Saturday, July 29th. There are quite a lot of waterfalls to see on this route and the last one is a top 100 waterfall of Japan - Hyakuhirotaki 40m high. Map time to Hatonosu station is 5 hours and 40 minues. This may be a good trip to get away from heat in Tokyo :)

Event Grade (イベント等級)
Fitness 2, Technical 2 (for a few narrow places and slippery bridges).
Just need be careful where the path is narrow and crossing the wet wood bridges.

Sign up conditions and contact details  (参加の条件と連絡先詳細)
Sign up here.

Things to Bring (持参するもの)
Just need good hiking footwear, food and water, plus a waterproof coat (periods of rain forecast)

Travel Details, Meeting Time & Place [[旅行の詳細, 集合時間と場所]
Code: [Select]
Meet at Okutama Station (JR Oume LIne) at 9:20 and take 9:35 bus to Kawanori bashi (bus ride: 13 minutes)

It was a nice pool. Worth going for swim, BBQ, swim and drink (... in that order due to H&S).
The pool in Chichibu is like the one in Tanzawa - beautiful colour but small.

The river heading west from the lake also has some good spots - maybe not as colourful but big pools. I cycled past many years ago but didn't go back for summer swim event. A few members were asking so hopefully they will post.
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