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1. Near the previous onsen trip - the hot spring valley after Kawamata Onsen. There are several hot spring resorts for 500 yen. Hacho-no-yu (奥鬼怒温泉郷 八丁湯) will let you visit again any time at night without charge. This is one of my favourite hot spring places.
You can camp unofficially by the river about 15-20 minutes before Hacho-no-yu. Put tents up late and take down early. We have done many times.
The bus ride is famous for autumn colours but not as crowded as Nikko. Bus from Tobu line Kinugawa Onsen station.,139.3852516,14z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x601f98cd2991c5bb:0xda5fd3015240ac7c!2sKinugawa+Onsen+Hotel!8m2!3d36.834042!4d139.719133!3m4!1s0x601fb4f1aa266b63:0x73084657bdecbebf!8m2!3d36.8720552!4d139.3982327?dcr=0

2. Secret wild camp next to Chuzenji lake in Nikko
You are not suppose dto camp but if you put up tents after sunset and take down early ... nobody will see.

The Italian embassy cottage by the lake is a major sightseeing spot on the way.
You must camp on the shore where you cannot be seen across the lake. Better still, camp in  the forest 100m from the shore. There used to be a lodge near this spot but closed down.

This spot is good by the water as you cannot be seen from tourist area:,139.4631265,19z?dcr=0

In the forest:,139.4595877,19z?dcr=0

We often stopped at the French bakery near Chuzenji bus stop and had a small campfire if hidden spot. Beautiful colours.
Personally I think best to go Friday night on the last train for Nikko and share a taxi to Chuzenj (if 4-5 people). this way almost same as bus and you can avoid Saturday traffic jam.

3. FREE lodge in Nikko!
This is a great lodge with lots of space and usually only a few people or empty. It is on the hiking map and just north behind Nantai San. Very easy walk from Sanbonmatsu on the road to Yumoto onsen. It is called Shizugoya.
Next day hike down to Nikko.
Need own sleeping bag and food of course. Best to carry 2L water from river before arriving at the lodge.,139.5016539,16.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x601fafa73cc579e1:0xc426120a78645e1e!8m2!3d36.7826729!4d139.5003645?dcr=0

You must post the event with meeting time and place, and decide travel details. All 3 are beginner trips with great scenery.


Another ... Tanigawadake. It is above beginner level but the valley at the bottom is easy and great scenery at  Ichinokura. Free lodge but miserable and dirty. Best to camp outside/nearby.
Access by bus from Minakami or walk from Doai station.,138.9400901,16.79z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x601e10dd2bcc4bef:0x76c9cbfceeb801ec!8m2!3d36.8471105!4d138.9423135?dcr=0

Since nobody seems interested, let's cancel.
Just in case some were thinking dropping by at the last minute: I wont be there!

Probably saturday evening was not a very good choice... Next time!
Hello everyone,

The weather does not look too great in the mountains for the next week-end, might be the time for some city fun?

The bouldering gym I usually go to (closest to my home  :P)
has lines for all levels (including complete beginner) and also possibility to do roped routes if you prefer.

Closest subway station is Edogawabashi (

After that we will have a good excuse to go get food and drinks somewhere!
(I know a very tiny Izakaya I've been to with a friend near the gym, and a cheap Yakiniku place with all-you-can-eat-and-drink in the same area, but that's about it. I am sure there are many options around since it is a very lively neighbourhood - suggestions and help from a Japanese speaker would be nice here! Especially if we have to book)

Place & time: meet either at Edogawabashi station (exit 4) at 17:45 or directly at the gym at 18:00~
Date: this Saturday (14th)

Gym closes at 20:00 on Saturdays, so starting at 18:00 we get a discount entry: 1500en
One-time registration fee (valid for any Twall in Tokyo): 500en
Climbing shoes rental: 400en
(also possible to rent harness, rope etc.)

Please reply if interested so we can see if we need a reservation for the dinner/drinks part.
Outdoor & Sports Events / Re: Anyone for Kamikochi this week-end?
« Last post by marcb on Tue Oct 03, 2017, 04:32 PM »
Hey, that's what I was hoping for! This 3 day itinerary is great, I did it last time bypassing Yari to have more time for Daikiretto not knowing exactly what to expect there (unnecessary, I found out).

Problem is my current plan will make me lag one day behind you guys. Was originally planning on taking Friday off to be at Yari on Saturday, but the weather on Friday/Saturday does not seem to really agree with this plan.
Outdoor & Sports Events / Re: Anyone for Kamikochi this week-end?
« Last post by Jurga on Tue Oct 03, 2017, 04:21 PM »
Hey :)
What a coincidence - me and my husband Justas are also going to Kamikochi :) We have a 3days plan, including Yarigatake and Daikiretto.
We will arrive on Friday and spend night in the tent somewhere near the last train stop. In the morning - bus to Kamikochi. We will be hiking with a tent (no huts).
Maybe we could meet somewhere or hike for a while together :) Or maybe more people will join :) My contacts: 070-1257-2985, fb Jurgelis Meistrelis
Outdoor & Sports Events / Anyone for Kamikochi this week-end?
« Last post by marcb on Tue Oct 03, 2017, 03:24 PM »
If the weather forecast stays as it is, I might be going to Kamikochi (Yarigatake, Hotaka-dake) this long week-end, maybe extending over Tuesday.
If instead of chilling out on Niijima you want to see the Alps before winter comes, read on!

(don't want this to be a compettition to Rob's event, by all means go to Niijima, that's gonna be much more fun! Only thought maybe some people are already planning Alps trip and we might as well try to go together)

I have been to Kamikochi before and it offers among the most amazing sceneries I've seen so far in the japanese mountains.
I want to go back to follow the more difficult routes (probably fit 3+/tech 3-4), but there are many options in this area (down to fit 2-3/tech2-3 depending what you bypass).

Would consider having very experienced people with me the whole way, but that'll take some convincing (PM me if you think you see what I am talking about and have been meaning to do the same).

More realistically, also possible to do part of the travel together, if someone is willing to lead the beginning and end of the hike (can be made as low as fit 2/tech 2 I'd say).

Sorry, as you see no proper plan yet, since the plan will depend on who is interested! I will edit and repost accordingly.
This post might very well be totally useless after all, but I thought it was worth letting people know just in case...
Outdoor & Sports Events / Re: Oct. 7, 8, 9 Camping on Niijima Island 🌴
« Last post by Rob Moreno on Tue Sep 26, 2017, 09:03 AM »
Marc --
No problem! The nice thing about this event is you can wait until the last minute to decide if you want to go. No reservations are needed at the campsite. As long as you can get yourself to the island, you can come and leave any day you want.

Outdoor & Sports Events / Re: Oct. 7, 8, 9 Camping on Niijima Island 🌴
« Last post by marcb on Mon Sep 25, 2017, 08:15 PM »
Hey Rob!
That looks pretty cool, but at the same time I might have trouble resisting the temptation of doing something more "alpine" :) as this might pretty much be the last occasion (3 day WE etc.) I get...
I'll keep an eye on this thread and let you know.
Outdoor & Sports Events / Oct. 7, 8, 9 Camping on Niijima Island 🌴
« Last post by Rob Moreno on Mon Sep 25, 2017, 12:03 PM »
I'm planning to go camping on Niijima for the 3-day weekend in October. Niijima is one of the 7 Izu islands. It has a beautiful free campsite and 24 hour outdoor onsen, which is also free. Most everything you need is on the island. No need to bring food, or cooking utensils. You only need a tent, sleeping bag and a swimsuit (required for the onsen).

You can get there by Jet boat or large ferry from Takeshiba port near Hamamatsu station, or take small airplane from Chofu. Check for tickets. The website shows the large ferry as already full on Friday night departure but there are always cancellations so you are pretty much guaranteed to get a ticket IF you get the pier early, like from 7pm [edit by Andy - many tickets are only sold hours before departure from the counter - they are not sold online]. 
I am actually leaving on Thursday the 5th, so I will meet you at Niijima port.

Reply if interested. I will post more details later.

Things to bring:
Tent, sleeping bag and mattress
Swimsuit (the onsen is mixed bathing so you need to wear one)
Warm clothes (it can get very chilly at night)
Coffee mug, eating utensils (the campground has a kitchen area with pots and pans)

How to get to Takeshiba Pier

From Tokyo station direction on Yamanote line or Keihin Tohoku line, go to the back of the train. Get off at the back and take the exit down the steps. Go out of the ticket gate and turn right. Walk along the main street about 3 blocks and you will see the ferry terminal at the end.
There is a convenience store just before the ferry terminal across the road on the left and a drinks shop.

Access from Hamamatsucho stn


10月 7, 8, 9日 新島でキャンプします。新島のキャンプ場は無料、温泉も無料。テント持ってない人は旅館で泊まれます。
Things to Bring (持参もの)

Travel Details, Meeting Time & Place (旅行の詳細)

フェリー 竹芝から 4820 円 10時間
ジェット 竹芝から 6960円 3時間

Good morning all,

Asa and I couldn't get tickets to Kinugawa onsen station as tickets were sold out.
We will get the next train and can not get a bus at 10:15.

Will try to get there  by ourselves,
Anyone who missed the train or couldn't get tickets, let us know.

Also, it would be great if you can share the map before starting hiking.

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