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Good morning all,

Asa and I couldn't get tickets to Kinugawa onsen station as tickets were sold out.
We will get the next train and can not get a bus at 10:15.

Will try to get there  by ourselves,
Anyone who missed the train or couldn't get tickets, let us know.

Also, it would be great if you can share the map before starting hiking.

I'll meet you at Asakusa at 7:30
Hi Mami,
Welcome aboard!
Meeting at 7:30 at Asakusa or directly at 10:00 at Kinugawa-onsen.
Hi Everyone,

I'd like to join this event.

Mami :)
Hi all,

I'm trying to be at asakusa station tobu line ticket gate at around 7:30. Let's meet there and get the tickets.

There are usually several sheets at the onsen - never been and there wasn't one that was ok to use... but not guaranteed.

The 'convenience' store near the station does not sell much.

One thing worth remembering - you need to allow lots of time changing to get to the Tobu station from JR Asakusabashi and some subway lines. Also buying express tickets takes time. Another thing is they have discontinued the cheap rapid service so the 'reserved seat only' express train will probably be more crowded - get there early.

I think meeting should be 0730 to be safe.

If you already have a ticket then changing at Kitasenju might be easier for some people.

Rob has seen the bath we built last time so knows how to make the best one, and the location of onsen camp.

Looks like there will be a little rain in the morning but by 9 or 12 it will stop and cloudy only which is no problem for you. Sunday = sunny.
Hi Kana,

I would say timing is a bit short to organize a proper collective dinner, right?

So maybe a good solution is: bring dinner, lunch etc. for yourself and stuff to share in addition?
There seems to be a convenience store right in front of Kinugawa-onsen station, if you forget to get nigiri today ;)
(but we will have little time before the bus leaves)

Thanks for your reply.
Looking forward to hiking tomorrow. Will bring nice wine and snacks : )

Just quick question.
Will we get some food for Sat dinner and cook?
Also, do I need to prepare food for Sat lunch, Sun breaky??

I'll will be coming from Ikebukuro, so I'll meet up with everyone at Kita-Senju station.
I'll join!

Are we planning to bring a big tarp for the onsen or hope to find one already there? Usually there is one lying around but it cannot be guaranteed.
I'll bring a bottle of wine and some spices. I have a lot of ginger, cinnamon sticks and cloves I need to get rid of. Also a burner, small frypan, pot and some cooking utensils.

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