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[1] 2 Day Trip: Okukinu (north of Nikko) Free Wild Onsen in Forest

[2] Title: FR. 11th Aug: Tanzawa River Swim, Easy Hike/Walk, Picnic

[3] Saturday, July 29: Okutama Waterfall hike, Kawanori Yama (川苔山 滝 ハイキング)

[4] Summer - Swim in Pools in River 6 Locations (relax or cook food ok)

[5] June 9th, Sunday, Mt Odake One Day Hike

[6] Fukushima [Shin Shirakawa] Trip Friday 21st July to Friday 28th July

[7] 16th to 22nd of July: Hokkaido Trip

[8] SAT Jun 3rd, Okutama Hike, Waterfalls and Caves

[9] Golden Week camping on Niijima • GW 新島でキャンプ


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