FAQ - よく尋ねられる質問

We do not answer questions about places in Japan or your travel plans (unless you can pay for that service).

Membership Fee

You must pay the membership by credit card or PayPal account soon after you register. If you do not pay, your account will be deleted. You cannot access the website until your account is open - should be automatic after payment at PayPal is confirmed.

If your membership has ended you can renew by credit card subscription from profile or bank transfer.

There is no free trial system before joining.

General questions about the club

I  do not speak English well, can I still join?
Yes of course! People try to use simple English - many members also use Japanese, and another

Japanese person will always help if you have a problem understanding.

Hello, we are a middle aged couple with two daughters ( both students), and very interested in your club. But unfortunately, we are all unable to speak English fluently. Can't we became your members? By the way, I am 49 years old, and husband in 51. Are we too old?

Simple English (beginner) is enough to join events. One of our climbing friends doesn't speak any English but we manage, and enjoy our trips together.

People can join at any age - it's not important, as long as you are fit enough for the activity. Younger people can attend with family members or written consent - please ask the management for details.

I do not have any camping tents or equipments aside from a sleeping bag. Is it possible to rent equipment from the club at a fee?
Not anymore ... other members usually help if you ask on the event page.
Expensive outdoor gear was damaged too much so club gear has been stopped. Cheap tents can be bought now and they are good enough for low level camping events from spring to autumn.

My friend and I are interested in joining the club, but we want to join an activity before hand just as a trial. Can we join the drinks this Thursday?
Henshin arigato gozaimasu. Can I go to social night on Thursday?

Anyone can come along to our social nights and casual meetings - you do not need to be a member. Other social events are also often open to non-members. Event details will be visible if guests are allowed.


Hi. I am living and working in Tokyo. I found this site and interested. Price is very reasonable. Do you feel strange if I join alone?
一人で参加する方もいらっしゃいますか ??

Most of our members join 'alone'. Our members are very friendly and you will soon make many friends - no problem at all.

How often have the event? thanks.

If you look at the calendar or event list archive  you will see there are events almost every weekend. Some on weekdays too.

I read your FAQ page twice before emailing you and it does not contain any information about non-members simply learning about upcoming events.

You can see the event titles and dates in the list and on the calendar.

Event details with phone numbers, email addresses cannot be given to guests - you must become a member to get all details.

Hello, I'm very interested in joining this club. My friends were very keen on this outdoor club when I talked about you just went on a dolphin swim trip! Are you going to do that again?

Some special events are repeated every year, or more often ... We will probably have another dolphin swim. There are always several trips every year to the Izu islands, or BBQ camps.

Hello, I'm not the member yet. I'm interested in the event of next weekend (Alps, Nikko area or Niigata mountain). I have questions about it. How many people are already confirmed? And is there still availability for 2 persons? How are you going to get there, by bus or train?  If I join you, should I book the train by myself?

This kind of information is for members only ... you must join the club and contact that event organizer to get the details. The management does not have all the details usually - only the people signed up and the event organizer.

Hi, I joined a few months back - now I have finally time to join a hike - how can I contact the organizer?

You can reply to the event message. If the organizer has given an email address or phone number you can use that too.
You can also use the website PM  (private message) system.

Hi there, I'd like to participate the Izu island or countryside camping in May (golden week). My hiking level is beginner. I haven't attended a meeting yet, but could I participate?

Yes, if your ability, experience and equipment are enough for the event level/grading. All events are graded so check the details in the information pages. You do not need to come to a meeting - just sign up on the website, pay the membership fee and contact the event organizer - thats it! ... see you there.
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