Welcome to OCJ!  OCJクラブへようこそ!   

Some important things you should read. 読ん必要がある重要なもの。

1. Everything in Club Information & How to Join [入会]

2. Club Announcements (お知らせ)

3. Especially (特に) Club Rules クラブのルール

4. How to join an event [イベント参加方法]

5. How to make & send an event message [イベント主催方法]

. Within 2 days after events, edit your messages and delete your email address or phone number. If the Administrator has to do it there will be a charge. The best way to share contact information is using the chat box as the comments automatically get deleted later.
イベントの後(2日で)、メッセージを編集して、個人情報(電子メールアドレス、個人の電話番号)を削除してください。 管理者がそれをするように依頼されれば、チャージがあるでしょう

Useful Points (便利な点)

PROFILE PHOTO (プロフィール写真)
Please add a photo to your profile - other members can find you at meeting places! Modify: forum profile

HELP/SUPPORT - to ask questions; Contact Us, FAQ (お問い合わせ)

Please SHARE EVENT PHOTOS! At the moment there is no gallery so share using dropbox or some other free service online. You can attach several photos to each event reply.


Do not sign up and then delete your comment (reply) to cancel. The organizer might not see you deleted your sign up. It causes trouble with reservations and people on waiting lists.
Just make a new reply telling the organizer you are cancelling.

Organizers should set conditions for cancelling. If charges are needed for reservations or places in rented cars.

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