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Weather Forecasts and Information
« on: Mon May 20, 2013, 02:28 PM »

 Warnings - always check!Weather ForecastsMain Page

Other Weather Forecasts
  (English) (main page)

I use 2 or 3 forecasts and try to get details each side of the mountain - on the wind side often more accurate. 'spot' forecasts are not on the mountain but the nearest town or city forecast - beware of them. 


岩木山           八甲田山            八幡平              岩手山              早池峰山       鳥海山              月山              朝日岳

            蔵王山              飯豊山        吾妻山              安達太良山              磐梯山              会津駒ヶ岳   

燧ヶ岳              至仏山              男体山              奥白根山              那須岳      皇海山              武尊山

            赤城山              筑波山   

魚沼駒ヶ岳              平ヶ岳              巻機山              谷川岳              苗場山              妙高山              高妻山

 草津白根山              四阿山              浅間山              雨飾山              火打山   



 丹沢山              両神山              雲取山              甲武信岳              金峰山              瑞牆山

    大菩薩岳(大菩薩嶺)              富士山              天城山   

 武甲山              川乗山(川苔山)              雁ケ腹摺山              三頭山              大岳山              陣馬山              高尾山

            大山              三ツ峠山              毛無山              天子ケ岳              箱根山(神山)              金時山              玄岳              御岳山   

白馬岳              五竜岳              鹿島槍ヶ岳              剱岳              立山              薬師岳              黒部五郎岳              黒岳

            鷲羽岳              槍ヶ岳              穂高岳              常念岳              笠ヶ岳              焼岳              乗鞍岳   


御嶽              美ヶ原              霧ヶ峰              蓼科山              八ヶ岳              木曽駒ヶ岳              空木岳              恵那山   


甲斐駒ヶ岳  仙丈ケ岳  鳳凰山  北岳  間ノ岳  塩見岳  悪沢岳

 赤石岳  聖岳  光岳   
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Signing up for events and cancelling
« Reply #1 on: Mon May 20, 2013, 04:13 PM »
For last weekend's trip to Gunma, several people cancelled a week or more before, one said that it was dependent upon work, and would let me know 2 days before the trip. I have no problem with this, as long as I know.

However, last Friday, less than 4 hours before we were supposed to meet, 2 more people cancelled. I tried to contact another individual that was signed up, he said he was at a nomikai and had "forgotten" about the trip. One person was nice, and has reimbursed me for their share of the money lost on the hired car, I have not heard from the other 2. Weather would have been excellent on Saturday in Gunma.

As Andy, I and other event organizers spend a lot of time planning, and in some cases, money renting vehicles, making lodge reservations, buying food, etc., as Andy has said in the above post, either commit to going on the trip, or tell the organizer up front that you may have work conflicts, and can't commit 100%.

This is the 2nd time that people have done this to me personally, on a Yamanashi trip, 1 person cancelled about 2000 on Friday about 12 hours before meeting time, the other 2 about 2330 or midnight, claimed it was going to rain and didn't want to go anymore. It didn't rain at all in the end, only sunny/foggy.

Another request, if you ride in someone's car, and then go back by yourself or with another person instead, please pay your share of the transportation costs, or at least half of what your share would have been. Unfortunately this has happened several times to me, probably other drivers also.



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