Nov. 11,12 Okutama BBQ Camp * to ** & lots of activities
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Nov. 11,12 Okutama BBQ Camp * to ** & lots of activities
Hiking, climbing, gold panning (?)

Total cost for lodge with food & drinks around 5000yen plus futon
Limit is 30 people - reserve place as soon as possible!

Repeat of  July camp BBQ at Buttress Campsite near Hatonosu in Okutama
Autumn colours should be good  then. A little cold but we will have a hot bath to soak in by the lodge.
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Can camp or stay in a lodge - plenty of room!
Approximate costs:
Camp 1000yen
Lodge 2000yen
Bath/shower 400en
Futon etc you rent by yourself 500-800yen. Or bring a sleeping bag.

Food and drink we take and cook. To make it easy we will make fewer dishes that are easy to prepare:
Stew / Nabe
Curry rice
Pumpkin soup
Baked potatoes, cheese and coleslaw
BQQ meat and vegetables,
Sausages and brown sauce ... etc
Simple breakfast  with fruit and leftovers
Cost of food & Drink= about  2500yen

Not much time to organize everything, so simple again! Reserve rooms 1 week before. Pay on the train from Shinjuku or at Ome station. We make a menu on the train and go shopping in groups for each dish/ drinks at Ome station. I pay at the register (done before and its the best way), get back on the train and deliver the stuff to the campsite using the campsite tractor cart.
Relax - go hiking ... after a couple of hours prepare for dinner.

People who don’t come on the train will have some other job to do- hard ones!
Also possible penalties.

Rock climbing at the Butress and Tenno Iwa.
Two or 3 different hikes organized by other people.

Things to Bring
Need warm clothes at night - bring a jacket or fleece, gloves and hat, thermal underwear (100yen shop).
OCJ women always seem to be cold at night!
Torch useful
Small bathing costume for bath
Things for cooking/eating, drinking.
Hiking gear or climbing gear if you join one of the events

More details later - please sign up ASAP.
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