How to make & send events [イベント主催方法]
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All members must reply to the event message on the website before they can attend! For safety reasons and so who know who are members.

Use' Announce Topic' to email your event to all members. Use only once after you make your event message. You can use again if important changes need sending by email.

No guests on outdoor events (except special official BBQ camp events a few tines per year).
You can ask participants to contribute to the cost of phone calls during planning, maps, safety equipment like ropes etc.
Participants should also help you plan, rather than keep asking questions.


1. Click 'New Topic' in one of the event lists and enter event details.
2. Click the checkbox 'Announce Topic', then click 'Post'. Finished!

1. Click 'New Topic'.

Add details...

The standard outdoor event titles are included automatically.
You can add photos and maps etc.

IMPORTANT!!! You MUST click the box 'Announce Topic' so your event is emailed to members.

Click the box 'Announce Topic'  then click 'Post'.

Just click 'Post' again and wait ...

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