How to join events [イベント参加方法]
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Events are usually sent by email but not always (if organizer forgets to 'Announce Topic') so check the website for new events.

To join or sign up for an event just log in and 'reply' to the event message  - everyone must do this so we know who is going and that you are a member.

After events (in 2 days), edit your messages and delete any email addresses or phone numbers. If you ask Admin later to do it for you will have to pay.

イベントに出席する前に、ログインし、次に、出来事メッセージに答えなければなりません [返信する ボタン]。


OCJ uses a standard message for events:


Title & Date (タイトル, 日付):

Event Grade (イベント等級)

Sign up conditions and contact details  (参加の条件と連絡先詳細)
Important - read!

Things to Bring (持参するもの)

Travel Details, Meeting Time & Place (旅行の詳細, 集合時間と場所)
Important - read!

Cost (費用)
Train, bus etc ...
Maps, safety equipment.

After the Event

Make some useful comment if you have any.
Reply and say thanks to the organizer.
Upload some photos in the gallery for other people.
Remove any phone numbers and email addresses from the event - Action, Modify (edit). Just delete private data.
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