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Before  using Contact Us please read the information pages and the FAQ section. We do not answer questions about your private outdoor plans unless paid.

Members  (OCJ is the biggest international outdoor club in Japan)

Usually between 100 and 120 members per year.  40% foreign and 60% Japanese. Most people in their 20's to 50's but people of all ages are welcome.
People try to use both English and Japanese during meetings and events.

Member List

Monthly Meeting/Social Night

Casual social night or meeting held near the Yamanote line in Tokyo for members, guests and visitors. Usually in a bar or restaurant.

Event Announcement

Event information is in the message board (log in needed) and sent to all members by email automatically when 'Announce Topic' is used by the organizer.

Events (usually every weekend)

There are events almost every weekend and often a choice. Events for all levels but many  easy hiking events that require no fitness.

Usually events are one or two days at weekends but sometimes during weekdays. There are longer camping, trekking and ski/snowboard events - some abroad. The number of people on an event varies a lot depending on the grade of the event - from 3 to 50 on BBQ camp events. The average is about 5 to 10 people for most hiking events.

Events are usually posted one week before the event date but can sometimes be a few days before or one month for large events.

75% of events are very easy and there are lots of fun events just to relax. Some are for experienced people and require a high level of fitness or technical ability (climbing for example).

We hope to introduce new people to outdoor activities in an international atmosphere; improve their fitness while gaining experience and having a great time!

Event Organization

Events are organized by members. OCJ is a 100% volunteer group - not a company or tour operator.
Members provide events for others and we hope new people will try and organize an event one day. Many experienced members want to pass on their experience and skills to others.

Participants are expected to help organize events when possible. Do not expect the organizer to do everything for you.
At large events like BBQ camps and Christmas parties, members are expected to help out by cooking, cleaning or other small jobs.

Event Grade, Safety and Insurance

Members are responsible for their own safety - not the club or organizers. Each member should read the event details careful and judge for themselves if it is safe for them. It is highly recommended that all members get their own outdoor/mountain insurance in case of accident. The club does not have any kind of insurance.

All events are graded. You can find more details on:
Event Grade, Safety & Insurance


OCJ is a non-profit club - the organizer can ask for contributions to costs of phone calls, or for maps and safety gear.

Any costs such as accommodation or travel have to be paid by members at cost price.
Car sharing sometimes allows the driver to go free - see the club rules page for details.

Photo Gallery

This is used to share event photos and videos (in downloads) with other members - usually large size. Members can download.

Club History

The club was 'officially' started in April 2007 by Andrew Duggan who has been hiking in Japan for 20 years and was the main organizer in another club  for 9 years - also the president for 1 year.

Outdoor Club Japan (OCJ) has all the good ideas that members wanted in the old club that were blocked by some committee members. It is a more open club with less politics or cliquey groups. OCJ is a 'real' outdoor club but also has a strong social side - It's nice to have both!

I'm sure anyone who is willing to try something new will find that OCJ is a great club.

Club Reviews - What members say about the club

A survey of club members gave a lot of information that will help improve the club ... Here are a few of the topics discussed:

Why did you choose OCJ as your preferred outdoor club?

Seems to be relax and serious in the same time and many activities are proposed
 I knew some members, seems more open, less political than some other clubs
 Info about the club available online
 Crazy people
 Improvement on others
 Because the places you went were very fascinative and I was interested in other cultures.
 I joined solely for one reason: To do the Tateyama-Tsurugidake trip. It was my intention to return to solo hiking after that, but enjoyed the club enough to continue with it.
 Different activities
 Most info on internet
 It sounds friendly, and like a good chance to meet many kinds of people and get out in the wild more.
 I got to travel to new places
 Its policy (not for profit, no politics), and friendly people like yourself!
 Easy to organise own trip
 Went to a movie meeting & seemed like a casual atmosphere, friendly people & not about making money
 Because people seem really relax, nice and coooool
 Looks well organised and Tokyo based
 More activities than "CIA" club
 Peter's ravings
 Seemed like the trips listed on the I-net were interesting
 More interesting activities compared to other clubs
 Simplicity of creating and advertising events. Making my own events
 Looks fun
 Good pub nights
 Member in the pictures on web-site seemed really to be having fun.
 Outdoor plus international communication

What were your first impressions of the club?

Active club
 Relax and Serious
 Quite relaxed and casual, most members seemed friendly with each other
 Awesome, because I knew Andy was running it.
 Good, people active and want to do things.
 I went to a Christmas party first and I could make a new friend. So I was very fun.
 For adventurous people
 Less politics, more activity than "CIA..." club
 Great so far. Only attended one event (Kintokiyama hike). Well-organized and met good people.
 Hard to say given only been on one last minute trip.
 Haven't done anything yet. However, the email lists are quite active.
 Members are energetic and adventurous
 Lots of fun nice people who like to drink and go to izakayas
 "Friendly, accessible, reaching out to new-comers and open to beginners ("CIA..." club was opposite)"
 Casual, nice, friendly people of all ages
 Fun and nice people who knows good places (cf onsen in zao:)
 Will find out tomorrow..
 Lots of events, nice web site.
 Lots of things going on. Tokyo-centered of course. Some trips get planned well in advance, but the majority seem to come together at the last second.
 Modest and well-organized
 Good, experienced, helpful and friendly people.
 Glad to find people that wanted to experience Outdoors
 Hiking was harder than expected but I enjoyed very much.
 Fun people looking for like-minded souls
 Friendly and open to a new member
 Friendly, nice
 Was good in general, but could be much better if the meeting was organized a little bit more.
 Well organized, lots of trips - a good first impression.
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