There are two options for membership - free membership (Registered Member) and 1 year paid membership (Paid Member).

1. Free club membership but you pay 500yen/event (paid via PayPal/card before the event or to event organizer).  DETAILS HERE.

2. Or one year paid membership (1,000yen) and events are free (best).

Free members (usernames are red) can upgrade their membership to 1 year paid member any time (events free) . In your profile menu look for Action > Paid Subscriptions, then just follow the information for 1 year membership. After completed you will see your username change color to blue and you will have a new group name - "Paid Member".  You need to use a credit/debit card and PayPal.

1. REGISTER - Click Here!             1. 会員登録申請書 - ここをクリック!

You must register and agree to the club conditions to become a member. One account is valid for only one person.
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