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UPDATES [更新]: 
Now about 12-15 people... more expected; Andy, Nozomi Takashi, Vedangee, Jay,
HH + friend, Jun, Asa, Hiro  Peter....     
You can bring friends.

Maybe Rob, Dean, Alex (old member.)

Fri 20th May: OCJ Social - Rooftop Drinks & Food, Full Moon (+ outdoor gear sale, last OCJ T-shirts)

Pine trees at the back with nice sunset and full moon. Balcony at the back has space for 25 people. Start from around 6pm ~ until late.

Bring food to share (about 500-700en) : precooked ok, salad, fruit etc - keep it simple!
Bring your own drinks (convini and supermarket 100m away).
No BBQ this time... too busy.

Outdoor Sale

Lots of outdoor gear for sale ... ladies rock climbing boots, and other climbing gear, 2 season Marmot  down sleeping bag.
Some other stuff free or donation.

Meeting Time and Place [集合時間と場所]

Start 6pm for sunset. You can arrive later.

Place in front of Keisei Ichikawa-mama station (5 seconds), and 5 minutes from JR Ichikawa station (17 minutes from Tokyo).

Keep my number 090 ....

Google map:,+Ichikawa-shi,+Chiba-ken+272-0034,+Japan/@35.7314364,139.9088585,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x60188696cacfb54b:0xb657eef91e704842!8m2!3d35.7314321!4d139.9110472

Access map:
 501 ビーブル オザワ BLDG 、市川 1丁目27−7、市川市、千葉県 272-0034。
 501 Vivre Ozawa BLDG,  Ichikawa 1-27-7,  Ichikawa City,  Chiba 272-0034
Just in front of steps to station on the south side.

Example Train Timetables

From JR Tokyo

JR Akihabara

Photos from previous events:

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Andy, I want to join this event.

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I'll join if it's on 20th or 27th.

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I can join on 20tg


I would like to join this social evening if confirmed.

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I would like to join on20th.


I'd like to join.

Peter Tran

I will drop in if my work finishes early.


I will be there