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There is no organiser fee for events so no time to give to many questions... try looking on google and post the answers as well!

Title: October - OCJ Scotland Isle of Skye Mountains & Whisky

Skye has some of the best scenery in Scotland and the rest of the best scenery is nearby on the west coast. Weather is usually good in October but chilly - warm gear for UK winter needed.
I might also do the English Lake District - also very beautiful area and llots of easy routes.

Not sure what date or how long, and cannot adjust for people as it becomes impossible to coordinate.
No fixed plan until I arrive home late in September - please do not ask questions about travel - I cannot answer.
There will be a fixed meeting day later.

Most of my summer holidays were in Scotland so its a special place for me.
All mountains are less than 1,500m but hikes start from sea level. Usually 2-3 hours to get up. Very rocky and some ridges are famous for tough hikes.  Some coast routes are easy with beautiful views. Lots of wildlife and fresh fish.
West coast of Scotland has many whisky distilleries with tours.

Some routes are easy, some are hard - I will not be doing easy routes every day so those people will have to do things themselves for the day of harder hikes.
Camping and rooms can be found online - do it yourself. I will be camping. There are youth hostels as well- look on google.

Event Grade (イベント等級)
All levels from beginner to advanced - choose and do... I will do 1 or 2 easy and several hard routes.
Lots to see and do on  Skye.

Sign up conditions and contact details  (参加の条件と連絡先詳細)
Do not reply to email announcement - reply  on the website.

Things to Bring (持参もの)
Prepare cold weather gear for camping (or get room yourself). Warm clothing needed as it can be 0C or lower. If windy it feels cold.

Travel Details, Meeting Time & Place (旅行の詳細)

None yet - do not ask for dates and details now.

Cost (費用)
No idea - check and pay your own flight and train/bus cost to skye.
You can see room and camp cost online. Food will be about the same as Japan.


Re: October - OCJ Scotland Isle of Skye Mountains, Whisky & Fish
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Hi Andy,

fantastic news! I am in. I actually moved to Edinburgh so I can join you for trips in Scotland and maybe England. See you soon!