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Updates: So far Asae, Rob (maybe), Vedangee, Nozomi
1 Day Hike in Saitama Okumusashi and Autumn Colors
Weather looks good for Wednesday. Let's do one day hike in Okumusashi (1 hour to Hannno from Ikebukuro). This will be beginner hike and we won't be climbing to the top of any mountains. Let's meet at Hanno station, North exit at 8:20am and take 8:30 bus to Nagou (1 hour bus ride).
We will be walking along the trails from Nagou to Lake Chichibu Sakura (I have a map). Here is the route:
Reply if you are interested in this event.
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It depends on my work schedule, but I'd like to join if I can.


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Nozo... I have off on Wednesday..
Let's go.. thanks for posting.