Perhaps I was too late positing this event, but since there has been no interest in it I will cancel it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


UPDATE: One Day Hike in Okutama and Sake Tasting pt. II
The weather looks good for tomorrow so let’s do a new variation of last week’s successful sake hike. This route is completely different. We start at Okutama station and head to Mt. Nokogiri, and then to Mt. Otake. There is a gorgeous view of Mt. Fuji there, where we will have lunch. Then he head over to Mt. Mitake and take the cable car down to the bus station and from there go to Mitake station. The route from Mitake station is the same one along the river as we did last week. Hopefully we can get there earlier to enjoy more sunlight, soba and sake! The temperature will be much colder than last week so dress warmly in layers that you can easily take on and off. Hat and gloves recommended.

Reply if you are interested in going. I will post the schedule later tonight.

日帰りハイキング in 奥多摩 鋸山ー>大岳山ー>御岳山ー>🍶

---------UPDATE 詳細------------
We will take the 7:44 JR Holiday Expreess to Okutama. Platform 11. I will be waiting in front of car 3, but if you are running to catch the train be sure to get in near the front, cars 1 through 6. DO NOT GET IN CARS 7 though 12 — the train splits at Haijima and goes in another direction!!!
Pack a lunch and bring snacks to eat along the way. There aren’t any convenience stores near Okutama station.
Bring a cup if you would like to have coffee or tea at the top of Mt. Otake. I will bring a stove.
Plan to be back in Tokyo around 8pm. Skipping the Sake brewery and getting back earlier is also an option.

Call or text me if you have questions or get lost. 090-6544-7231 (iPhone)


何かあったらtel/テキストください。090-6544-7231 (iPhone)


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