Topic: Sat.(土)1/28 Long 1-day hike in Okutama 鋸山→大岳山ー>御岳  (Read 215 times)

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We should have perfect weather tomorrow! Sunny and 13 degrees in Tokyo so not so cold in the mountains. Maybe the snow is almost gone, but do bring crampons just in case. Bring a cup if you'd like to have a hot cup of coffee or tea after lunch and during the breaks.
Sat.(土)1/28 Long 1-day hike in Okutama

Nokogiriyama —> Otake —> Mitake

Depends on the weather. Check for updates. Reply if interested.

This is a beautiful course with a variety of interesting landscapes, including a nice view of Mt. Fuji and its surrounding mountains. There is about 6 hours of hiking with plenty of climbing. Nothing dangerous or too difficult but due of the length of the course some stamina is required. There will be a lot of snow and some ice so crampons are also required. Compact 4 point type is enough.エバニュー-EVERNEW-EBY012-4本爪アイゼン/dp/B003T0NHOO/
We will need to start early to allow enough time to complete the course. Take the 6:46 AM Okutama Holiday Express from JR Shinjuku, platform 11. Be sure to get in car 1 to 6; the train splits at Haijima and cars 7 and higher go off in another direction.
Dress warmly in layers. Bring a lunch, plenty of snacks and water. There are a few toilets along the trail.



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I'm in. See u Saturday

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I'll join cheerleader

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