Golden Week 2017 Event Ideas
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There are 2 popular OCJ places for GWeek that are not far from Tokyo.

A favourite...

1. Gunma Camp & Rugged Mountains (西上州山 群馬県)

There is a very cheap campsite in Shimonita-Machi. Bus or train access from Tokyo and the campsite is 15 minutes walk from the station and supermarket. The campsite overlooks the village and has comfortable grass to camp on. BBQ ok!

Easy and hard hikes in the area. Also special Myougi San (妙義山). Best around Gweek as there are a lot of flowers out including cherry blossom.

Another of my favourites....

2. Shikinejima Onsen Island

Sleep free on overnight ferry from Tokyo. Camp free, enjoy free outdoor hot springs...
Good cycling, hiking and fishing. Shops all close by.

3. Niijima Island
Near Shikine island but bigger. There is a hot spring centre but not like Shikine. Popular at Gweek so expect a lot of people. Cycling around the island probably good.

There are event details on the website but you (people as a group) need to plan together.
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