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Dates of the upcoming events
« on: Yesterday at 07:01 AM »
Hello! I will be in Tokyo from 22-27Feb and I would really like to join the events organised by OCJ. However, I am unable to view the details due to my free membership. I am willing to pay the membership fee for attending the events, but I’m more hesitant about paying without being able to see if it fits the schedule. Could you advise about this?

Thank you so much!

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Re: Dates of the upcoming events
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 11:32 PM »
It is not a fixed date event yet. Just a suggested list of possible events.
Unfortunately due to problems with free members  access to events was stopped. Nothing I can do about it.
With membership at 1000 yen/year (minus paypal charges 100yen+, minus taxes (20%) that have to be paid, minus web-hosting and domain names) it is impossible to give information to individual members.... and it seems, non-members asking.

Its not a tour organization so up to you to decide to join for 1 years access or not - it is very cheap. I cannot inform people about individual trips - there is no time available for that.

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