Guests can now see event details (people requested before joining the club).

So things will change a little.

1. When making a message the travel details must be hidden. When typing, you wil see #  button  ( ) in the editor menu on the right. Select the text then click that button - that will hide the text from guests.
The standard event message at the top of new event posts is already prepared - type travel  details between the {code} tags to hide.

You can do this for replies if you want to hide private details.

2. Use the travel contact chat box for sharing email and phone numbers - only members can see this.


Guests cannot attend outdoor events. Everyone must be a member so that they agree to the safety waiver and legally accept responibility for themselves. Also, only members can reply to outdoor events - so we know who is a member.
If people try to attend an event without replying on the website - please ask them to log in and prove they are a member by replying to the event message. If they cannot them reject them.