I will be staying in Shirakawa, Fukushima prefecture
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirakawa,_Fukushima  for the week Friday 21st July to Friday 28th July at our holiday home.
I wil be going up Friday night dropping my gear of at he house then going to a local Onsen for the night.

I will be back at he house on Sunday night.

If anyone is interested let me know so i can make arrangements before Friday

My plan is flexible but i want to do some Hiking, Sawanobori or Sawa Aruki and onsen visits. Plus a couple of BBQs during the week.

There are a number of hikes and places to visit such as
江森山 Emoriyama a small mountain hike which leads to & 甲子山 Konesan that crosses into Nikko National Park. These can be hiked up but also used as the route down if going on the
Sawanobori route http://mogudesu.com/sawa06/sawa-16.html
This Sawanobori route has some hard stages later but the lower parts are OK for practice and introduction
甲子温泉 旅館大黒屋 kashi Onsen [Famous Konyoku Onsen with Tera in the bath] is at the base of the route
that is open to non guests until 3 pm
Archery and a summer Tobogen near Nichogo village the mountains.
bear Slide waterfall is a place i want to try, also near. http://www.epinard.jp/blog/900
Hatoriko ski jo mountain walks
Shirakawa castle that is worth a visit
Bandai san is about 40 mins away by car (you can see it from the house)
Local Onsen 20 mins walk from house

We can do BBQ at the house and use it as a base for day trips
There are lots of other hikes and things to see in the area, so let me know if anything of interest in particular and i will check.

I will travel up by car on the Friday evening, and can take 3 but i may have 3 in already but will confirm during next few weeks

Cost towards BBQ food and drink, i get it cheap from local super market
Travel Cost: Your travel or cost to get there and towards petrol in car.
Shirakawa can be reached by
Shinkansen to Shin-Shirakawa station (1.5 hours) 6,000 to 8,000 one way depending on train
Normal train (4 Hours) ¥3,350
House is 20 mins by car from station but I can pick people up from the station if needed.
Onsens: 300 to 500 yen

Basic hiking gear (no need for tents)
For those wanting to experience Sawanobori please check Andy's basic equipment list.
I have lots of gear and i will sort once i have an idea of who may come.
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