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This is advice for people who want to get together and organize a trip - I cannot do it for you. These ideas have been regular events in previous years and were popular.
You can find details by searching the website for keywords. Log in and go to the outdoor events section and social events section (Okutama xmas camp).

Chiba Hikes and Campsites

In December and even January you can see autumn colours in Chiba... also 2018 plum blossom opening early (near red maple). There are great hikes (easy ones) with easy bus access from Tokyo taking a short cut across Tokyo bay.
Lots of ideas in the event section if you look back at the beginning of 2016 and end of 2015.

On this page:

Takagoyama is a good hike - a few route options.

Chiba campsite open at new year ... warm lodges available.

Autumn in Chiba late Nov/early Dec - Yorokeikoku

Can make so many route variations for this.


Also some amazing river walks...

キンダン川 near Kamogawa looks interesting - easy too I think. Many of these river walks can be done in winter - water level is very low (most places a few centimeters). Should always wear a helmet!

Very good hike.... 高宕川.
Best to walk in and back down same way.

切割 館山  beginner walk near Tateyama.

三間川 - 奥米渓谷 very beautiful and easy walk along river. Search google photos for these kanji.

2. Mizugaki San and Kinpu San in Yamanashi.
A member might be posing soon. There is a lodge, campsite, and wild camp spot. It is quite an easy hike but a few steep spots to the summit of Mizugaki. Beautiful area.

3.  Highly Recommended!
Near Mizugaki is a beautiful gorge (tourist area) called Shosenkyo 昇仙峡. Unusual rocks and wild area. We have been many times in autumn and at Christmas to a government campsite (Mount Pia マウントピア黒平  - in OCJ links section ) near there in Kurobera 黒平. It is cheap for lodges and the manager is very nice (2,000-2,500yen/person for heated lodge, bath, kitchen, and everything included). Some people can camp if a lodge is rented. Great for BBQ camp. There is a miso making festival at the beginning of December.
It is remote.... but the campsite manager can pick you up at the last bus stop in Shousenkyo.  Hikes from there up  Kuro-fuji mountain and back to the bus stop. Also road hike possible. Also hike from the ropeway to special rocks in Shousenkyo.

4.  Campsite by Okutama Lake (with raccoons/tanuki)
This is a government campsite so very cheap and everything provided. Camp costs 200yen. Rental tent shared about 700 yen/person. Sleeping bags  (200yen/ but 2 best in winter) and mats provided.
They have very beautiful red maple there but unfortunately the reservation calendar looks full until the end of November. It has become very popular the last few years.
I suggest a BBQ camp at the end of November or beginning of December - tanuki walk around camp spot at night looking for food. They have a bus pick service if several people.

5. Highly Recommended! Hotaruyama Campsite in Shimonita-machi, Gunma

There is a government campsite here and close to the station. Great view as it looks over the village to Myougi San.
You need your own camping equipment. Great for BBQ camp.
Near there are many rocky mountains - some easy hikes  at Monogatari yama and Myougi Shrine. Many routes down the valley in Nanmoku (see hiking map for nishi-jyoshu yama)
Great onsen just at the back of the campsite.

There are many challenging hikes in this area. Autumn colours are usually very good. Also caves.

下仁田 ほたる山公園 キャンプ

You can easily find details of these events by searching OCJ.
Please post an event with other people.
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Re: November, December, January Outdoor Events + Chiba Update (ideas)
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"Marc is organizing this soon"

I'm afraid I am too busy getting ready to move back (going back to France in 10 days!) to put this together for this week-end or the next.
Also the temperature on Kumotori this Saturday-Sunday is forecasted to hit -6C at night, that might be a tad cold for some...?

Happy to help with practical info if someone is interested. Might even decide to join in the end, but can't promise anything.

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