Free Members - Important - 500yen Event Fee
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If you are a free member you must pay the 500yen event fee for each event.

You should do this before the event if it is confirmed. You can also do on the train or at the meeting point (on phone) if there is a signal there... at a station for example.

How to pay the event fee

Log in OCJ and go to your profile page. In the menu under 'Actions', select 'Paid Subscriptions'.

There will be one there for '1 Event Paid'. Click that and continue to PayPal to complete 500yen payment. After complete, you will see on the website you belong to a new group '1 Event Paid'. This will display for 4 days.
You need to do this each time you attend events in the outdoor section.
You can also upgrade to paid member the same way (1,000yen/year and events free).

See image:

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