June19/20th: Asamayama ** and *** ( other rain options)
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Asamayama ** and *** (top 100 mountain)

Photos from this trip:

A volcano near Karuizawa that has been closed for 3 years until recently because it erupted. The spring flowers should be opening there now and I heard that more wildlife moved in during the time the mountain was closed to hikers - great time to go now!

This is an overnight trip. There are free shelter huts but you will need a sleeping bag and mat. Its better to camp actually.
3 stars because the full hike on Saturday could be over 6 hours and there are three steep places on the Kurofuyama trail.
If this is not done it could be a ** trip.

This can be done quite easily by leaving the bags at base camp and walking the Kurofuyama ridge. Pick up the bags and stay in the shelter hut or camp Saturday night. The next day I plan to walk over the volcano and towards Karuizawa but it anyone who wants to walk up without a bag and return the same way can join.
A two star version can also be done by staying at base camp and not doing the Kurofuyama ridge.

To be refined this week - this is an outline.

Shinkansen or cheaper highway bus and train to Sakudaira/Komoro which is near Karuizawa.  Take a bus up the mountain and walk to Asamayama jinja -  2 hours or 3 hours depending on the bus (higher up also possible by bus which  cuts up to 3 hours hiking on Saturday).
Leave the bags at the shrine and hike round the Kurofuyama - J-Band ridge which has a great view of Asamayama. This route has a few steep places so ***.
Pick up the bags and camp/sleep out.
Walk up Asamayama (2 hours 20 minutes), first to the Maekakeyama ridge  (45 mins) then the top of Asamayama (30 mins). After that its a 1 km drop in altitude to a bus stop near Ko-Asamayama (about 2-3 hours) and bus to Karuizawa. May have time for onsen.

Highway bus, local train from Yokokawa or shinkansen back to Tokyo.

Depends on travel options chosen. Cheapest about 8,000yen and with Shinkansen 13,000yen.

More details for those that sign up - maximum 8 people on this trip. You must sign up before joining and be reasonably fit.

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