Omote-Tanzawa:Mountain Bike March 26th
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Mountain Bike in Omote-Tanzawa **

This is an easy one-day tour on paved roads, dirt tracks and hiking trails.
The route follows the Omote-Tanzawa Rindo, a scenic forestry road that is
closed to ordinary traffic. From the starting point at Shibusawa Station
(200 m), we first ride through the town of Hadano towards the foothills of
the Tanzawa mountains. On a dirt road, we follow the Mizunashi River uphill,
until we reach the gate of Omote-Tanzawa Rindo. A long but easy climb leads
to Yabitsu Pass, at 761 m the highest point of the tour. The panorama view
from the road is quite spectacular: from Izu in the west to Enoshima and
Miura in the east. After enjoying the 8 km downhill ride to Minoge (310 m),
a short but rather steep climb will take us to the ridge of Asama-yama (636
m). From here we'll follow the trail along the ridge down to the point where
it intersects with the Asama-yama forestry road. This roller coaster ride on
the Asama-yama trail is one of the most enjoyable off-road rides in this
area. The fun continues with a 10 km downhill on the paved road all the way
down to Nanasawa-onsen where a well deserved soak in the rotenburo awaits
us. From the onsen it's only a short ride to the Odakyu Line (either
Aiko-Ishida or Hon-Atsugi).
Total distance: about 45 km.

Meeting Point:
Shibusawa Station on Odakyu Line, between 9:30 and 10:00.

Odakyu Line from Shinjuku. Express trains leave Shinjuku roughly every 10
minutes, and the ride to Shibusawa takes 73 minutes.
Train fare: 650 Yen.

What to bring:
Mountain bike, bike bag, helmet, warm clothes, gloves, rain gear, spare
tube, food, drinks, towel, change of clothes, light.

Train fare: 650 Yen; Onsen: 1,000 Yen
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