Wine Tasting Tour April 15th
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Yamanashi Wine

We will visit some wineries and vineyards, and at least one onsen, and a hike in the mountains of Yamanashi.

outline plan:

Meeting time and place

Shinjuku Station, front end Chuo line platform #9 at 08:00hrs. We will take the ltd. express for Kofu. Provided we have 12 people signed up by 9 April, we will be able to purchase group discount tickets at 2,300 (one-way non reserved).


Prior to reaching Kofu Station, we will debus at Katsunuma, Enzan and Katsunuma Stations to visit the Katsunuma Choei Winery, Mann’s Katsunuma Winery, and Sapporo Katsunuma Winery. Sober or not, we will finish the tour at Suntory’s Yamanashi Winery and vineyards. These trips will involve an average taxi ride of 10 mins to each winery. After the Suntory tour, we will take a bus (approx. 60 mins.) to Chiyoda-ko camping ground, where, after setting up tents, we will have a choice of onsens to select from. When our scoff (evening meal) is over, we can enjoy a wine party from the wines we have selected earlier in the day.


After  breakfast and packing , we will stopat Sasago Station to climb Takigoyama. Option to either soak in another onsen or head back to Shinjuku.

What to bring

Hiking kit (boots, fleece, waterproofs, torch, first aid kit, etc.)

Camping gear
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