10 Jan 8-11: Snowboarding/Ski Trip to Akakura, Nagano
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Long Weekend Snowboarding/Ski Trip to Akakura in Nagano       Edit
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It’s to update you about our snowboarding trip in this weekend. The plan has changed quite a bit. What’s changed? We are going to a different ski site and NO whole night bus riding involved. We will check in hotel in the midnight and can sleep in warm futon. Why changed? We were on the waiting list for the plan, and we got a phone call today ;-) Now we have a room and can take a couple of more people. If you wanna join, let me know ASAP by sending the sign up form suggested in the end of the email. For details of our new plan, see below.

Place: AKAKAN (Akakura Kanko Resort Ski Jo)

Official Website in Eng: http://www.akr-ski.com/english/

Official Website in JP: http://www.akr-ski.com/

It’s right next to Akakura Onsen Ski jo, where we went for the new year’s snowboard trip last week. Akakan is newer and has more courses for intermediate/advanced riders/skiers. (50% of its course is for intermediates, 20% for the advanced, and 30% is for beginners). Yes, one-third is suitable for beginners and lessons available for those who need it. Park with tables, kickers, rails available for free riders


I just checked their snow report. 210cm of snow with 10-20 cm fresh snow every day since new year’s day. It’s in the same Akakura area, so snow is as good as the one in Akakura Onsen Ski, where the snow was great.  It was so soft that we weren’t scared of falling down.. It was like diving into cousion—no pain or whatsoever. It wakes a kid in you.

Onsen: Available. Still a part of Akakura onsen area. Amazing. Soften your sore muscle and smooth your skin J


Day 1: Meet at Kajibashi bus station near Tokyo station’s Yaesuminamiguchi at 8:30 pm. Bus leaves at 9:00 and arrive at Akakura around 2a.m. Check-in hotel and sleep tight.

Day2: Breakfast and go to rental store (if you need) Riding/Skiing eat more riding/skiingàdinneràonsenàdrink&drunkàsleep

Day3: Breakfast and run to ski siteàRiding/Skiingàeatàmore riding/skiingàdinneràonsenàdrink&drunkàsleep

Day4: Breakfast and run to ski siteàRiding/Skiingàlast onsen-->lunchàleave for Tokyo around 2pm.and be back in Shinjuku/Tokyo between 8-9pm.


Trip cost of 37880 yen including:

Round trip Bus between Tokyo to Akakura (Nigata)

Accommodation for 2.5 nights with complimentary break fast (three times) and dinner (two times).

Lift Pass for 3 days

Organizer’s fee of 2,000 yen

Several thousand yen for lunch, snack and omiyage.

Gears: Rental available (snowboard/ski, wear) For Goggles, gloves, and cap, bring on your own. Neck warmer would be very helpful.

Sign up and Payment

You need to deposit the travel cost in order to sign up. Send me sign up form by 24:00 today. Then I will send you payment details. Those who can pay before 3pm tmrw may sign up.

Sign up form


Your Name:

Cell Phone Number:

Need Rental? Y/N

(If yes, snowboard or ski?)

Do you need wear? Y/N



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