This weekend 10th/11th: Rock Climbing in Okutama - updated
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This weekend: Rock Climbing in Okutama


1. Koesawa Buttress  near Hatonosu station
Need decent climbers to lead as there are few places to use top rope. Single pitch ok for beginners.
Most routes are 3 or 4 pitches so  not suitable for beginners - they can do the first part and  come back down.

2. River cliffs and rocks near Hatonosu station
Looks good but depends on access - maybe ok for beginners.

3. Easy rock outcrop near Okutama station
Ok for beginners.

Should have your own harness and boots but you can borrow or try climbing in other footwear.

 Will go saturday and again sunday.

3 places to  try out but one is a bit difficult for beginners unless you are confident.
better to bring helmet, climbing shoes and harness (if you borrow you are limited to some routes and have to wait longer).
You can also join for the hike and sightseeing (*hike in beautiful location)

Any climbers try and bring quickdraws please.

More like Saturday ...

0909am train from shinjuku on the chuo line for ome. change there for hatonosu or okutama.
probably same on sunday but not sure yet - call me or wait for mail midnight saturday :-))

cost around 1200 yen oneway

Andy 090 3346 7854

call me if possible tonight if you want to go saturday - now 3 or 4 people and 2 ropes.
OCHANOMIZU     08:58     08:58     
YOTSUYA    09:02    09:02    
SHINJUKU    09:09    09:09    10    9.9km
NAKANO(TOKYO)    09:13    09:13    
MITAKA    09:22    09:22    
KOKUBUNJI    09:28    09:28    
TACHIKAWA    09:35    09:35    
NISHITACHIKAWA    09:38    09:38    
HIGASHINAKAGAMI    09:40    09:40    
NAKAGAMI    09:42    09:42    
AKISHIMA    09:44    09:44    
HAIJIMA    09:47    09:48    
USHIHAMA    09:51    09:51    
FUSSA    09:53    09:53    
HAMURA    09:55    09:55    
OZAKU    09:58    09:58    
KABE(TOKYO)    10:01    10:01    
HIGASHIOME    10:03    10:03    
OME    10:06    

i sent out train times to mailing list but here we go again....

some people want to go saturday, some sunday. i hope to go both days so no problem!

call me to confirm but should be on the 0909 train from shinjuku to ome saturday morning and will use that one for sunday i think.

see you soon.
090 3346 7854
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