10 Nov 7: Autumn colours hike in Nippara, Okutama
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UPDATES [更新]: We will try and do the full hike to Nippara but if slow or late we will come down to Okutama or Okutama lake on a shorter path.

Sunday 1 day people only: Yukiyo, Rieko, Shigeru, Akiko, Tomi...

Weekend BBQ people: Unknown but probably 15 people or more.

Title & Date [タイトル, 日付]:

Autumn colours hike in Okutama (1 day - join people from BBQ)

People can sign up for this here if they want to join the people from the Okutama BBQ camp.


Location [場所]: Okutama in Tokyo

Event Grade [イベント等級]: Level 2 Fitness (4-6 hours) and Level 1 Technical (standard Okutama hiking trails)

Introduction [はじめに]

Mizunezawa keikoku usually has beautiful colours along the river. We will hike up to the top and then down the other side to Nippara. Bus back to Okutama.


Event Details [イベント詳細] Route and Time [ルートと時間]

Map hiking time is about 5 hours 45 minutes so people will have to carry LED lights in case we are late (100en ok). Start time is probably around 10.30am as BBQ people need time to clean up and get to the dam.

Forecast is 'cloudy' and if rain we will just do the lower valley and return to the dam, then maybe parts of the old Okutama road (very easy).

Colours are usually good along the river in  Mizunezawa valley. After about 2 hours the trail goes up to the main ridge for another hour to Mizune-yama and then 45 minutes more flat to Takanosu-yama with good views all around. Go down Inamura-iwa ridge 1hour then valley 45 minutes to bus stop.

Buses back to Okutama station at 1617, 1722, 1855 taking 30 minutes.

We will try and catch the 1617 bus but  if slow or more breaks we will finish around 1645 - 1700.



Maps & Useful links [地図と役に立つリンク]



Things to Bring [持参するもの]

Warm outdoor clothing (fleece, thermals, hat, gloves) and footwear for hiking. May need raincoat for wind, not just rain.

LED light, food and snacks for the day, at least 1 litre of water or other drink (not alcohol!).


Meeting Time & Place [集合時間と場所]

Meet at the visitor centre at Okutama dam at 1000- 1015 ... depends on campsite people getting there.

Start hiking around 1015am.

Half of campsite people will go by car to footbridge then walk over the lake and catch 0940 bus from Ogochi-jinja to the Dam (15 minutes). These people need to be ready earlier than usual - ready to leave 0915 after eating, cleaning, returning rentals etc.

The rest of campsite people in cars available at 0945. Bus group and car group decided by lottery!


Travel Details [旅行の詳細]

If you come Sunday there is only 1 bus that is useful, 0930 Tabata bus from Okutama station. Get off at the visitor centre at Okutama dam (takes 16 minutes)


http://www.nisitokyobus.co.jp/rosen/lib ... kutama.pdf

You can find your train connection online but here is a suggested one from Shinjuku.

0744 Chuo line train direct to Okutama arriving 0915. It should be direct - check at Ome.

Business day:Sat & Holiday

Cost [費用]

About 1,100en for the train from Shinjuku and then go/return bus fee less than 1,000en. Organizer fee 500en. Bath after the hike possible in Okutama.

Contact Details (and sign up conditions) [連絡先詳細(と参加の条件)]

Sign up here with comment. Andy 090
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