July 11-12: Fuji WILD Lava Caves, Swim, Camp, Aokigahara Forest (富士の溶岩洞穴,青木ヶ原)

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Try and visit the wild caves if possible - a lot to see. I don't recommend using time for the Saiko wind caves - a lot of forest walking and not much to see (西湖風穴第1,2,3,4, ....12).
There is parking along the road (route 71 for the main cave area). The caves in the blue circle area were fun and easy to find. There is a large drop cave entrance - can get in, but 50m away in the forest there are smaller holes (maybe メガネ穴) to get in easily and the cave is connected.
神座風穴第1 443.1m, 大室風穴第1 170m. Just before these 背負子風穴 第1 230m long.

Before returning home I would drive (on route71 through aokigahara) to this cave, uzura ana- 'Quail Hole' 鶉 穴(うずらあな). It is 820m long and a big inside. I worry that it has been damaged as I cannot remember the building on google satellite view. It is worth going to check.

If you go just ask at the farm/house that I marked on the screen copy below. You need to go through farm gate to get in field.
https://www.google.com/maps/@35.3641147 ... e3!5m1!1e4

You can set navigation maybe using this - Idebok cow resort!
https://www.google.com/maps/place/Idebo ... 38.6046862

Maybe they can tell you if cave is not damaged (phone and website on google).
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Andy OCJ
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Suggested route for 1st day.

Post by Kushal »

Hi Kelly,
Thank you for the coffee and dessert. Sounds delicious!

Hi Tammy,
Okay, you can do a salad 🥗 Thanks for the offer.

Hi Justin,
Maybe we can avoid pork for the appetizer?!

Post by May »

Sure, let's meet up at Yotsuya-Sanchome station.

It'd be perfect for me if you could come to Yotsuya-Sanchome station too.
We're going to get on Shutoko from Gaien, so won't pass through Shinjuku or Tokyo central station this time.
After I pick you all up, we're headed to the Saiko Lake Camp site.

>Justin, Kelly, Tamara,
I asked Justin to come to 7-eleven Shinjuku-Samoncho, but wanna change the place for pick up.
Can you all come to 7-eleven Yotsuya-3 chome, please?

I'll park the car in front of the 7-eleven.
But if there are too mach cars to park at the time I will ask you to walk a bit further, let you know in mChat.
Thank you and I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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Ab - Noted, will avoid pork for appetisers

May - no problems on new pick up spot. Thanks again


Post by Abhijeet »


I didn't say anything about the appetizer, LoL. I can take anything, including humans if required :P . Don't worry.


I will grab something, if possible.

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Hell all,

Trip is literally right around the corner, let's be ready!

Everyone please be on time Saturday morning, we have a lot of caves to explore. The more we see, the better. Andy has given us a lot of information and I have been doing hours of research, trying to catch myself up. We're basically doing everything straight out of his playbook. Weather is looking decent as well. Sunday too. Still rain though, so have something dry to wear back at camp.

May, do your best to arrive at Saikohan Campground by 10:30, please <https://goo.gl/maps/qsu8ntTXqMcXUpVP6>. I'd like to be on the road to the caves no later than 11:00. Jay is out, so my car is heading straight from Asakadia to Saiko Lake, no more Takao.

Everyone, remember to eat breakfast and pack a lunch and snacks for Saturday. We are going to have a full day of exploring ahead of us. Make sure you have everything you need for the entire trip before bed tomorrow. We won't be making any stops other than a conbini. I'd like to use all the daylight on Saturday to explore. I have a little less planned on Sunday, so it won't all be so rushed. I will brief you all on the game plan when we are all together Saturday. If you've read Andy's itinerary, then you basically already know the plan, but I'll tell it to you again anyway.

One thing to note is that the forest is super confusing and cave entrances are small and hard to find. I'm going to be using a map and the GPS on my phone to try and locate cave entrances, but it's not easy, at all. There are no exact coordinates for these caves. We may need to spread out and search for some entrances. During these times, and inside the caves, please stay within shouting range of the group, always. I prefer spending more time exploring caves than searching for lost members.

Kushal, it sounds like you are doing a fine job with the meal. Keep it up and you'll receive a gold star! I'll make sure I have all the regular supplies you need for the big event. If there is anything special you need, just let me know. As I mentioned before, I will be providing an authentic cowboy breakfast on Sunday. Saddle up for that!

On a side note, Justin and I are planning to descend into one of the caves by rope. It's a bit technical and requires ascending the rope as well. So, unless you have ascended a rope before, this will be for the two of us only. While we are on that little adventure, there are a bunch of other small caves to search for, so, you won't be standing around waiting for us. There is plenty to do. But, please hang out for just a minute and we'll take a nice photo of you all from down below :D

I am cautiously optimistic about the weather. Let's not talk about it, and maybe it will be sunny.... shhhh...

Thursday forecast Kawaguchiko.jpg
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Thank you Adam for the update.

Note to everyone: Make sure to bring a bowl, spoon and cup to eat/drink from. Thank you!

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May wrote: Thu Jul 09, 2020 7:33 am >Kelly
Sure, let's meet up at Yotsuya-Sanchome station.

>Justin, Kelly, Tamara,
I asked Justin to come to 7-eleven Shinjuku-Samoncho, but wanna change the place for pick up.
Can you all come to 7-eleven Yotsuya-3 chome, please?

See you 7-eleven Yotsuya-3 chome, thanks!

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Hey All,

I am actually ANYtarian :P I eat anything but not everything ;D so just bring everything on the table that you really enjoy to eat and share :D just don't get offended if I don't take some :-[ I told my reason for some certain food that I cannot eat ::) even the BEAR Udon Especial in Kawaguchiko eek it's too much CUTE to eat though :-X I love Teddy Bear!!! so apology for that too.
So let's enjoy everything :-* in the Barbeque Dinner and Breakfast, yeah!! :beer: cheerleader

Andy and Adam - Yes, Roger that!! I follow itineraries, I'm excited for a new cave exploration 8)

May - Thank you for the effort, Meeting Place and time, Copy that.

Kushal - Next time, please make some spicy curry thumbsup

p.s. All, just an advice, Please wear bright colors during our Trekking, it's voluntarily, but usually, it's an SOP for mountaineering or outdoors.
See yah, All is Well :)
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Andy OCJ
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Does anybody have, or know someone, who has a simple GPS? Not one on a phone (unless it uses satellite signals). It would help finding some caves if used with hiking map and coordinates from that. The area around the black circle caves may not have phone signal. I think you can still find ok but GPS would save a lot of time. Some cave websites have the coordinates for each one.
I would not spend money buying one though.

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Here is a helpful reminder.

  • boots/shoes
  • sandals (for camp)
  • dry clothes for camp (store in a dry plastic bag)
  • pants (provides more protection against cave walls than shorts)
  • shorts and swimwear (for camp)
  • rain jacket
  • rain pants (good for cave, may become dirty or torn)
  • helmet (May, I have yours)
  • headlamp with fresh batteries
  • extra batteries
  • extra flashlight
  • day pack
  • water bottle (1L is enough)
  • 1st aid (I have)
  • trail lunch x2
  • snack for energy
  • T-shirt x2 (keep one dry one at camp)
  • fleece (caves are cold, 0C)
  • cup, bowl, spoon
  • sleeping bag (AB, I have yours)
  • sleeping pad (AB, I have yours)
  • tent (I have 2, 4-person tents, you are welcome to use)
  • BBQ set with many small tools (I'll bring it)
  • Dutch oven (I have)
  • pocket knife
  • stove & pot (I'll have a set)
  • fuel (I have)
  • food for BBQ (you know your jobs)
  • cooler (I have)
  • canopy (I have)
  • chairs (I have a few)
  • small table (I have)
  • camera
  • phone
  • waterproof phone case
  • power bank
  • cables
  • hat
  • onsen towel
  • lighter

Post by Tamara »

Hey All,  
  It took a while, OMG, you missed one half of your life if you didn't come along again next time. Mt. Fuji Caves are awesome.  Thank you, Andy, Mission is accomplished thumbsup . Thank you very much, Adam, for leading the Team., the Master Jedi or the Master Cave Hunter, we won't be able to see it all without your great effort, and we had a great time. And Thank you for the team Fuji Cave, We share good vibes of positive energy to everyone. It was fun to be with you., we all contributed a good fellowship to explore all the caves and Mt. Fuji permits us to explore its Beauty., I never missed to see Mt. Fuji every time I visited Kawaguchiko,  and I really expecting I gonna missed it that time, because of the rainy forecast of the weekend, but we are all Blessed to explore the forest and caves in both days in a cool beautiful sunny day and Mt. Fuji shows off her Beauty to all of us. It was a Blessed Exploration. Thanks to the Great Creator.    
    I am now addicted to a cave :-* I love every details and what's inside of it. Mt. Fuji's caves are safe to explore,  I really enjoy the forest which is fantastic to see, mostly covered by mosses as if it is untouched., as it looks like Avatar Movie. I want to run above all the log. I have a wonderful moment when I was left out alone in the crater, where Adam, Kushal, Ab looking for the Hiker's Cave, I have no feeling of being scared, I feel I'm home, I feel the forest protects me from any harm.  Mt. Fuji has a positive energy one should discover., now I know why many independent hikers are willing to be alone, walking or exploring the forest. Feeling the Fantasy world is awesome.      
     Many Thanks to Kushal for a fine biryani dinner, Thanks to Ms. May for the carpool and being so considerate, Kelly brought a delicious cake with cheese, I want some more, she loves challenges in the outdoor. Justin is a man of responsibility and cook superb Chicken BBQ., the Fireman AB did so well and very enthusiastic, he told me that he didn't want a photo but inputs all the memories in his mind, but I told him memory fades but not the memorabilia, that is why now he monopolize most of the pictures :P  
Thank you, Adam, for being so generous providing all the shelter, kitchen, BBQ grill, oven, etc. gear. The team contributed all positive light energy to the group, although it rains that Saturday night but stops in the midnight, it showers us blessings since we manage to enjoy the BBQ dinner party.  We all sleep well, I woke up by the singing birds next morning and morning mist breeze was so good to smell.    
::)  I lost count seeing remarkable caves there. The fun is the quest or challenges for all of us on how to find the mouth of most of the caves, it's location. The forest still looks untouched,  Worth seeing for me is the Fuji Wind Cave, it is fun inside, practicing your Ice skates and Ice slides and Bowling ( yes bowling, try to make a strike or just a spare is enough to bump 'em all :-\ those who want to explore these caves really need good clothing, shoes, and headgear.        
The cave that Adam & Justin cliff hang glide, I hope we can all explore it next time, perhaps those who wants to explore that cave should have a special training of rappelling lesson I hope we could have that indoor or outdoor lesson before exploring the cave again. The rest of the Caves is Beautiful, Hikers cave has a loft, really good shelter for Mountaineer, it's not that cold and safe to sleep over inside.  Kiddie cave, kids really have fun. :D The most fascinating cave we explore is the BAT Cave, I want to go back to it again, to explore more because we don't have much enough time., we split the group to explore the 800m,  the cave has a lot of challenging passageways and the Bats are really awesome. Bats are Friends they are Frutarian ;D there is also a portion about 100m, on the left hallway, there is a Seat of Throne in the middle, before the 2 splitting passageway, the Throne looks like a crescent moon chair, a seat deserves for the "Prince of the Cave"., looks good too for initiation for debutante cave hunters, welcoming one as "Brotherhood of Cave Man" :o with matching flying Bats on both hallways., very Cinematic.   8)  
Every minutes and details of the trip is fun for me, I had a real good time, rain, sunshine, lakes, mountains, forest, caves, gold, silver, uranium, field of dreams, ice cream, coffee, cows, horses, birds.  Totemo Shiawase desu.  :) Arigatou Gozaimasu. Otsukare sama desu. To all Mt. Fuji Team Cave Hunters, Salute to all of you, :beer: You are all Amazing!!!  cheerleader

Post by Adam »

Great summary Tammy! It reads like a poem. The energy you bring to each trip is matched by your writing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are most welcome. You were a pleasure to have on the trip. Your attitude rocks!

To everyone else, thank you for joining and helping to create a memorable experience. Everyone made efforts which resulted in authentic expression of joy. I am grateful to have taken part in it.

If you have not already done so, please visit the Google Photos page Kushal created and click 'like' (heart button) on 20 or so photos that you like. After everyone has 'liked' the photos from the album, I will post the most popular ones on the OCJ page. Check out the album in a week and you can view which ones were chosen.

Thanks again everyone. I look forward to getting out with you all again in the near future.

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Hi all,

You can see the photos in the album now. Thank you for "liking".

Here are are the list of caves we explored, in chronological order:

Day 1

<Grey Group>
  • 竜宮洞穴 (Dragon Cave) 35.4850667,138.6681167 - easy to find (on google maps), not deep, little shrine inside, good first cave of the day
<Purple Group>
  • 本栖風穴第1 (Motosu Wind Cave 1) 35.4468944,138.649775 - giant pit, 23 meters overhanging, vertical equipment necessary. 2 of us entered the pit but did not explore the cave (which is supposed to be quite long), hardcore
  • 本栖風穴第3 (Motosu Wind Cave 3) 35.4480278,138.6491583 - hard to find, squeeze through the tiny entrance in the back for thrills, fun for those who dare enter.
  • 本栖氷穴 (Motosu Ice Cave) 35.447825,138.6489222 - not so big, easier to find and explore, just OK
  • 本栖風穴第2 (Motosu Wind Cave 2) 35.4465,138.6477 - big pit but less of a drop than Motosu 1, we did not enter, looks exciting
  • 富士風穴第1 (Fuji Wind Cave No. 1) 35.4507778,138.6523972 - was guarded when we tried to enter earlier that day, the guard left in the afternoon and we explored it then. Excellent cave. Ice, over 500m long, big cavern and some tight squeezes towards the end. Woodblock paintings hidden at cave end
Day 2

<Blue Group>
  • 大室風穴第1 (Omuro Wind Cave No. 1) 35.447790,138.661494 - could not find cave entrance, large collapsed crater, monument is nearby
  • 大室風穴第2 (Omuro Wind Cave No. 2) 35.4482778,138.6614556 - NE of the Omuro crater, not much to explore
  • 背負子風穴第1 (Backpacker Wind Cave No.1) 35.4489861,138.6612333 - multiple entrances, pristine lava tube, excellent & should not be missed, memorable
  • 背負子風穴第2 (Backpacker Wind Cave No.2) 35.449541, 138.659970 - not so long & less exciting
  • 背負子風穴第3 (Backpacker Wind Cave No.3) 35.449975,138.6596222 - close to No.2 and even smaller, least exciting
<Red Group>
  • 鶉 穴(うずらあな) (Quail Cave) 35.3641694,138.5994861 - long, large lava tube with several branches, could take days to explore in its entirety, many bats, wildest cave of the trip, don't miss