Nov 7-8 Nakatsugawa 中津峡:BBQ Camp - Turkey Maple Trees

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Hi all, getting psyched for a turkey day with everyone! Adam, thank you so much for organizing and preparing so impeccably thus far! Can we join you guys in the community hut?
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Hi I know this is really lame and it’s really late to ask (it’s been a hectic week) but can me and gf hitch a lift from Meguro station. ? My phone number 080 2671 0851 . We come baring some nice campfire snacks too 🙏

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Hi All,

Hachiko Team Carpool Time-Route
8:45 Meguro Station
8:50 Ebisu Station
9:00 Shibuya Station
9:10 Harajuku-Meiji Jingu Mae
9:20 Yoyogi
9:25 Shinjuku Station
9:30 Start to GO!

Meeting point so far@
# Shibuya @ Seibu Department-opposite side McDonald’s
# Shinjuku south or Southwest exit @ 7-Eleven ( besides Prestia SMBC) along Koshu Kaido or Route 20

# For carpool members please walk about 2 minutes from this station since I cannot stay longer besides or front of this station. Thank you.

# Car Travel via Chuo Expressway ( I always visiting Kawaguchiko so let’s view the Mt.Fuji, we will take a break about 10:30-11 am and take Brunch ( breakfast/lunch @ Dangozaka Hway parking in Uenohara) before proceeding to Nakatsugawa @ Nakatsugawamura Camping Ground. Approximately before 12:30 pm.

All is well cheerleader