July 11-12: Fuji WILD Lava Caves, Swim, Camp, Aokigahara Forest (富士の溶岩洞穴,青木ヶ原)


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I am in! I also can drive in case if you need more driver.

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I'd like to crash in the Jumbo. Thanks!

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I totally forgot i have work thing on the weekend. Sooo sorry, let me cancel this time.

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Hello everyone,

It's great to see that there is so much interest in this trip!

I have been given the task of organizing our dinner for Saturday night at the campground. Please bring your own bowls, cups and spoons for eating.

I have made some plans for the main dish, but it would be a big help if people can contribute to the rest of the meal. If you would like to contribute, please bring all the ingredients required for the dish. Adam will bring his grill and dutch oven for cooking. Please refer to the list below for details:

I plan to have the following:

1. ONE BBQ appetizer: BBQ wings or other meat dish (Justin)

2. Salad (Tammy)

3. Main Dish - Nutritious Vegetable Biryani (Kushal)

4. Desserts - 2 items: (AB, Kelly)

5. Drinks: BYOB (bring your own) - We will stop at a convenience store on the way. You can pick up drinks there.

Thank you everyone for volunteering!!!
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One important question: Is there anything that you cannot eat (allergies or preferences)? If so, please let me (and Adam) know.

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Wonderful Kushal! This is a big help. It gives me more time to focus on the caves. There are a lot out there and they're not easy to find.

I will bring the BBQ grill (with charcoal and a few basic BBQ tools) and a Dutch oven for Saturday's meal and Sunday's breakfast.

I will prepare breakfast Sunday morning in the Dutch oven. So, Sunday breakfast is covered.
Can I get one volunteer to make coffee?


Rain. Right now the forecast has been changing every day. Overall, it doesn't look terrible. Saturday is looking better than Sunday. We'll probably get rain both days, but based on the forecast, it doesn't look like it's going to rain very hard for very long. I think we can enjoy ourselves. Let's prepare for rain and hope for the best. We may even see some sun. I will bring two canopies to set up at the campground in case there is no shelter for us at the campground.


I have one question for other drivers. Do any of you own a vehicle? If so, can you drive? In that case, you will get a free ride.

If no person has their own vehicle, then can one of you volunteer to rent a vehicle? The best person may be the one who lives west of Tokyo. Second driver, please speak up soon, we need to reserve the car ASAP!

I can take 4 passengers in the van.

1) Adam (Driver)
2) Kushal (Asakadai)
3) AB (Asakadai)

Can one of the following please volunteer to drive and book a reservation if necessary?

5) May (Edogawabashi station at 8:15am, or Yotsuya-Sanchome at 8:30am)
6) Justin (Yotsuya-Sanchome station 8:30am)
7] Kelly (Yotsuya-Sanchome station 8:30am)
8] Tammy (Yotsuya-Sanchome station 8:30am)

I have already guessed, but please inform me where you plan to meet:

Meeting Time & Location:

Saturday, 7:15am Asakadai Station/Kita Asaka Station at McDonald's


Saturday, 8:30am Takao Station, South Exit in front of McDonald's

I'd like to be setting up our tents at Saiko Lake before 10:30 and heading to the caves by 11.
Driver #2, if you want to set up the same meeting time at Takoa Station, I think that will be a smooth move. Please plan accordingly.

Don't forget headlamps with spare batteries and an extra light. If you own a harness, you should bring that as well, we might be able to check out some hard to reach places.

That's all for now everyone, let's get ready to explore some caves and create some BBQ magic!
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I don't own a vehicle but I can book, and found a few cars available this weekend.
It's only available from 8am, takes less than 2 hours so should be arriving at Saiko Lake around 10am.
I can pick other passengers up (up to 5 people) at Edogawabashi station around 8:15am, or Yotsuya-Sanchome station around 8:30am.
*I'll specify the place to meet later. May be arriving a bit earlier or later depending on the traffic.

Let me know if I need to proceed, or anyone has better options.
Thank you :)

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May wrote: Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:32 amLet me know if I need to proceed, or anyone has better options.
Thank you May. I think it's better to book the car now. Please proceed with the reservation.

We'll combine the total transportation cost for both vehicles and divide it evenly within the group.

Also, if any of the shared food ends up costing more than you are willing to pay for, please keep track of your receipts and it will be divided evenly among the group.

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Hi May,

Can I please grab a ride with you? Pick up from Yotsuya-Sanchome would be super convenient.

Hi Kushal

You can put me down for organising appetiser.

Look forward to it.


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Hi all,

The forecast is still looks rainy. Tenki, Tenkura, JMA, and Yahoo are all calling for 60-80% chance of rain on both Saturday and Sunday at about 21C (not exactly swimming weather). Based on Windy.com, the big, heavy rains that have been hitting Kyushu and other parts of Japan recently will not occur in Kanto this weekend.

When it does rain, which I'm sure it will, I don't think it will be very heavy for very long. So, it's up to us. I say let's go for it! If we are willing to deal with rain then, I think it's worth the effort.

If you prefer to not join, that's fine too. There will be more trips for you to join down the road. The earlier we know, the better.

For those of you who are still coming. Try and waterproof everything you have (line the inside of your bag with a plastic bag) to the best of your ability. Bring towels, plastic bags, rain gear, umbrellas, and extra clothing. I am bringing 2 canopies and two jumbo tents. We'll set everything up Saturday morning.

Finally, we still need help with the BBQ. Read Kushal's note (above) and volunteer to help.

Kawaguchiko Wednesday Forecast.jpg

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Hi Justin,

Thank you for volunteering. You can get as creative as you want with the appetizer, but just make sure that the quantity is okay.

Adam - Let's go for it! We'll at least be dry inside the cave, so it shouldn't be a big problem.

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We just need volunteer/s for desserts and we're good!

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Hi Adam,
Thank you for your reply.
I have made a reservation, understood about the cost too.
I'm excited now.

Hi Justin,
Sure, I'll pick you up at Yotsuya-Sanchome station around 8:30.
Can we meet in front of 7-eleven Shinjuku-Samoncho? It takes 2 min from exit 3.
Thank you!
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Hi Adam,

I am very sorry but I can not make it this weekend due to work-related obligation. I have to go to the office on Saturday.
See you another time

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Transportation Update:

Let's do 4 people in my car and 4 people in May's.
I need one more member to sign up to ride in my car and meet me in Asakadai or Takao. Kushal and AB, I assumed you will meet me in Asakadai.

I'm downsizing (and make cheaper) the rental car. Plus, I can haul lots of equipment in a micro-van.

Here is the breakdown:

Adam's 4-seat micro-van-

Meet at:
Asakadai station McDonald's 7:15am https://goo.gl/maps/nt38QaPBiVLHKN589
Takoa station McDonald's 8:30am https://goo.gl/maps/ojvw4ca7QUFs6K7C7

1) Adam (Driver)
2) Kushal (Asakadai)
3) AB (Asakadai)

May's 5-passenger car-

Meet at:
Edogawabashi station 8:15am
Yotsuya-Sanchome station 8:30am
Exit 3, 7 Eleven https://goo.gl/maps/3ySEdfrSyhwuEsKZ6

5) May (Driver)
6) Justin (Yotsuya-Sanchome)
7) Kelly (Yotsuya-Sanchome)
8] Tammy (Yotsuya-Sanchome)
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Hey Adam, thanks for the arrangements. I can come either at Asakadai or Edogawabashi(other car). Both are at same distance from my apartment. So, I can adjust in any car.

I cannot make anything for dessert due to lack of equipments. If you got any ideas what to do, I can take up that job.

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Abhijeet wrote: Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:25 pmI can come either at Asakadai or Edogawabashi.
Come to Asakadai.

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Hey AB,
You don't have to make anything. You could just bring something. Fruit, cake, brownies, or whatever you want.

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Hi May,
Can I please grab a ride with you? Yotsuya-Sanchome 8:30

Hi Adam and Kushal,
I can make coffee and bring one dessert (lemon poppy seed cake)


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Hi All,
I'm trying to book a car, Alphard and Vellfire available for weekends, it cost 15,000 yen 24 hrs., includes gas, the Voxy and Esquire type also good for 11,000 yen type but was fully booked, but since May already book one, it's ok.
I'll be coming from Takanawa-Shirokane station, either Namboku Line, Asakusa Line, or Mita Line, possible Yamanote Line too. I can meet May's carpool if possible in Central Tokyo.
if May's carpool whos coming from Edogawabashi and the rest of the it's carpool group, we can enter the C1 from central Tokyo proceeding to No. (20) Chuo H-way. I don't mind if either I wait to Shinjuku station, whatever possible for May convenient to pick me up, actually the route 317 is near my place and it goes all through the way to Route 20. If other guys will be pick up in Yotsuya 3 Chome I can also be in Yotsuya Station along the Namboku line, if that is possible to pick me up or best is Shinjuku South Exit. Proceeding to Shinjuku entry for Route 20 Chuo Hway. Let me know which one is better.
If we meet up at 7:30 or 8 am in Central East Tokyo, it takes about 2 hrs to get into the Exit of Kawaguchiko., more or less about 10 am we can meet up at the exit /entrance gate of Kawaguchiko. (we can view the Mt. Fuji and Fuji Q Highland while waiting) or in the Forest Mall Supermarket.
Anyway, I might over-read which place the group shall meet up in Kawaguchiko? :(

1. Apology I have no time to bake a dessert but I can make Fresh vegetable salad matching for the BBQ Dinner, I suggest in May's Carpool to stop over to the Forest Mall along 139 route in Kawaguchiko to buy food, snacks, veggies, and my fresh veggies to make for a salad at the Supermarket in the Forest Mall.

2. Thank you Kushal, I love Chicken Biryani but if it is Vegetable Biryani would be brilliant too., I'm a kinda vegetarian so dinner is super splendid. My stomach cramps when eating pork maybe allergic cause, but I love Pig, it's so cute!! I can help you guys cooking, or preparing dinner or breakfast, no worries.

3. I can lead the group to Mystical Forest and ended to the Motosu Wind Cave (along the 139 road) instead of walking straight to Motosu Wind cave, we can trekking walk around the Mystical forest leading through the Motosu Wind Cave too. Very Unique Forest I really want to explore with you all. There is Lavender blossom we can also visit for a look along the Oishi Park. and if we still have time going back to Tokyo, we can go to Benifuji Onsen in Yamanakako.

4. I hope we can explore the following caves, Fugaku Wind Cave, Fuji Fuketsu Cave, The Dragon Cave, Lake Saiko Bat Cave, Omuro Cave.

5. Thank you for providing the Tent Adam. I don't mind any kind of shelter as long as I can sleep.