August 22-23, Yakushidake (薬師岳) with camp


August 22-23, Yakushidake (薬師岳) with camp

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Weather forecast, fine as of Saturday, August 15 ... e=15&ba=hr

Title & Date
August 22-23, Yakushidake (薬師岳) with camp

Yakushidake is an attractive mountain in the Northern Alps at 2926m. It is one of the 100 Famous Mountains (百名山). The photo attached looks toward Yakushidake in the clouds, taken from the summit of Kurobegoro in August 2020. The campground is in the saddle between Yakushidake and the mountain on the left.
Event Grade
See travel details below for the itinerary.
Day 1: From Oritate (折立) to Yakushitoge campground (薬師峠キャンプ場). Approximately +1,000m, 5-6 hours walking time with overnight backpacks.
Fitness grade 4 - Difficult, Technical grade 2 - Easy

Day 2: From Yakushitoge campground to summit of Yakushidake, return to campground and then return to trailhead. Approximately +800m and descent back to car, 9 hours walking time.
Fitness grade 3 - Moderate, Technical grade 2 - Easy.

Sign Up Conditions, Contact Details
Reply to this post and confirm you have gear. Subject to limit on people I can take in my car: 2 others or 3 with packs on laps! If more people want to join, transportation to be reconsidered.

Things to bring (持参もの)
- 2 lunches
- 1 supper
- 1 breakfast
- Snacks
- Water bottle. Should be enough to reach campground on the first day, e.g. 1.5 liters. Water is available near the campground.
- Hiking shoes or boots
- Rainproof jacket
- Fleece or sweater
- Sun screen and lip balm
- Headlamp with batteries
- Sleeping bag
- Sleeping pad
- Tent
- Camping stove and gas

Travel Details, Meeting Time and Place (旅行の詳細, 集合時間と場所)
Saturday, August 22
8:30am: Meet at Toyama Station. Precise meeting spot at station TBD. I have a car and will drive the group to Oritate trailhead (折立).
10am: Begin hiking, lunch on the trail
4pm: At Yakushitoge campground. Set up camp and prepare supper. As it is a weekend in August, if the weather is good it is likely the campground will be crowded.

Sunday, August 23
5am: Breakfast and prepare
6am: On the trail
9am: Summit of Yakushidake
11am: Back at campground; lunch and prepare to return
1pm: On the trail
5pm: At Oritate trailhead
6:30pm: At Toyama Station

Cost of travel to/from Toyama Station: The shinkansen from Tokyo to Toyama Station is approximately 13,000 yen each way.
Transportation: Approximately 1,000 yen (10 yen/km for 100 km roundtrip from Toyama Station to trailhead), plus split of 1,900 yen toll to access road to the trailhead.
Campground fees: 1,000 yen per person
OCJ fee: OCJ is funded by 500 yen event attendance (up to 3 days). Collected by organizer who sends half of that to the club PayPal account for website costs.