Sept 23 (Wed) - 27 (Sun) Akan Lake in Hokkaido

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Sept 23 (Wed) - 27 (Sun) Akan Lake in Hokkaido

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Anyone interested in camping, hiking, kayaking in Hokkaido?

You will need to catch an early morning flight to Kushiro on Sept 23 and take a direct airport shuttle (65 min) to Akan Lake to arrive by 1:15pm on Sept 23. If you arrive later than that, no worries, we can sort it out. I will be already in Hokkaido and will make it there on my own. We will meet at Akan Bus Terminal at 1:15pm and head over to the camp site to set up the tent.

The tent site is only about 10 min away. It is free with access to onsen for feet, water and bathroom. Supermarket, restaurants and convenience stores are all within a short walk distance of about 5 min. No need to bring anything elaborate to cook unless you'd like to. It is situated right in front of the beautiful Akan Lake where we can watch and sunrise and sunset nd go on hikes and kayaking.
#If you are not comfortable or equipped to camp, there are plenty of lodges in Akan Lake. Please feel free to book a lodge.

Hikes from Akan Lake are not strenuous and will take about half a day.

1. We will hike Mount Meakan 雌阿寒岳. It is one of the most famous 100 mountains in Japan. The stunning foliage and view of expansive region. ... ing-trail/

2. Bihoro Pass, an excellent spot for viewing Lake Kussharo, Japan's largest caldera lake. ... /view.html

3. Mt. Iwosan (Atusa-Nupuri) for the powerful volcanic mountain.

4. 雄阿寒岳 for leisurely walk around the region

5. Kushiro Wet Land to explore vegetation

6. Kayak down on Kushiro River or right at Akan lake

7. Visit AINU village

More details to come! Please contact me if interested and when you are ready to book the flights