Oct 23-25 Akayu Lodge & Secret Onsen, Naebasan (苗場山)


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Thank you for your response Tivon. Welcome aboard!

I have finished packing my bag and am geared up for tomorrow.

I have packed a large tarp for us to sleep under, as well as some poles, guylines, and stakes. I also have one large tarp to use as a footprint. You should bring a footprint for extra protection if you have one. The tarp is big enough for 6 people as long as we stay close together. No need to carry in a tent, unless you want to of course.

For Friday night, I will bring the hobo pie maker with ingredients. Asuka will bring some hot, spiced wine to enjoy before going to sleep. For Saturday morning, I have prepared burritos and coffee for everyone. Justin, please bring your stove, always better to have two with a large group.

Be ready for a tough hike in the dark with rain on Friday. I'd say 100% chance of rain. Hopefully not too heavy. It'll be a little hardcore, but I know we have a seasoned crew so I'm not very worried. Kelly, I hope you're ready for next level adventure! Temperatures for Friday night doesn't look bad (between 5 and 10C). All I'm bringing is a summer bag, a sleeping bag liner, and some warm clothes to sleep in. So far, Saturday is looking doable, but far from perfect. Rain in the morning, then clear, and then rain again. Sunday looks spectacular. We may want to consider doing Naebasan then. We'll get a better forecast tomorrow and we can discuss our plan in the van.

Make sure to bring rain gear, a good pair of boots, a headlamp with fresh batteries, and something to keep the stuff inside your bag dry (such as a plastic garbage bag). The only food you need to bring is a trail lunch and some energy food for the hike up Naebasan. Your bags shouldn't be very big. I will have some items for you to carry, so please save some space.

Don't work too hard tomorrow, we'll need the energy for this weekend. Akayu onsen is waiting for us!

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Here is the latest forecast. Rain and Sun. Either way, we have a great place to stay Saturday night.

I hope that everyone is excited!

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