Nov 20~23 Chiba River Tunnels, Takagoyama (高宕山), Sangengawa (三間川), Semi-wild camping, Dutch oven pizzas


Nov 20~23 Chiba River Tunnels, Takagoyama (高宕山), Sangengawa (三間川), Semi-wild camping, Dutch oven pizzas

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Nov 20~23 Chiba River Tunnels, Takagoyama (高宕山), Sanmongawa (三間川), Semi-wild camping (no campgrounds), Dutch oven pizzas

This event is FULL. Please join us next time!

4-passenger vehicle:

1) Myself
2) Kushal
3) Vidal
4) Asuka


I took this event straight out of Andy's playbook. Hidden river tunnels and low mountain ridges with ancient shrines in Chiba. All campsites in Boso (Chiba Peninsula) are fully booked, so we'll be phantom camping every night. I'll bring the Dutch oven, so we can cook big group breakfasts and dinners around a campfire. Great opportunity to get away from crowds and explore something hidden and truly unique that is close to home. Since we have three days to explore, this trip will not feel rushed and can be enjoyed by an adventure-seeking beginner. Autumn leaves should still be colorful in Chiba this weekend. You can expect more momiji!


The main focus of the trip will be to explore the rivers around Mount Takago. Around the mountain are some very unique river tunnels that cannot be seen anywhere else to my knowledge. Near the summit of Takagoyama is a special shrine where we'll camp with the chance of a sunset, night sky, and sunrise. There is grass to sleep on and shelter if necessary. We'll have three full days to explore, so it won't feel rushed. I'm also bringing the Dutch oven, so when we camp by the car we can make big group meals.

The river walking is beginner level and will be extremely shallow. However, there will still be slick spots, so a helmet is required for beginners. There will be a few sections that will require use the rope and maybe one or two rappels. Beginners will be OK. Entering and exiting the streams are sometimes the most challenging parts.

The first and the third night we'll find some quite places to camp with the car and enjoy Dutch oven meals around the fire. I suggest we make pizzas on Sunday night! Monday morning I will make my famous Dutch oven eggs.

Monday can be a little more relaxed than the previous two days.

Trip Schedule:

Friday, 20 Nov

19:30 - meet at Asakadai
21:00 - Shinagawa or Funabashi (depending on people's preference)
late night - camp on hidden road or beach (depending on weather)

Saturday, 21 Nov

morning - breakfast
8:30 - supermarket
9:30 - Takagogawa river tunnels (sometimes use rope)
14:30 - Takagoyama
15:00 - Shrine camp on ridge (sunset, mulled wine, backcountry dinner) *carry extra water!

Sunday, 22 Nov

8:30 - return to car
9:30 - Sanmongawa river tunnels (some rappelling)
15:00 - onsen, camp (pizza)

Monday, 23 Nov

19:00 - in Tokyo

Event Grade, Safety (イベント等級, 安全)

Day 1: Takaminagawa (高宕川) > Takagoyama (高宕山)

Fitness Grade 3 - Moderate
5:00 hours walking time, 5km, & 300m ascending
*river walking will be very easy (wet), but climbing out of the stream will require more energy

Technical 3 MODERATE - Above Beginner (初級上)
occasionally a fixed rope needed on drops to prevent slipping on wet rock, most drops are only 2 to 4m
Sangengawa has about a 15m near vertical rappel on the side of a tunnel waterfall, we'll use a rope and harness here
getting in and out of the stream is steep and will be the most difficult part

Day 2: Sanmongawa (三間川)

Fitness Grade 2 - Easy
2:30 walking time, 3.5km, less than 100m ascending

Technical 3 MODERATE - Above Beginner (初級上)
only one big obstacle (15m waterfall), will require rope and harness (we can decide if we want to up or down)

Sign Up Conditions, Contact Details:

ALL members who wish to join must reply to this post. Spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Only 5 spaces are available. If you did not sign up in time I can add you to a waiting list, and there is still a chance you can join.

Things to Bring (持参もの)
  • sleep in JUMBO (my tent), under tarp, or under stars
  • warm clothing (expect single digit temps)
  • warm sleeping bag (use 2 if necessary, I have extra to offer)
  • sleeping pad
  • cup/mug, bowl, spoon
  • sawa shoes are best, but hiking shoes will be acceptable
  • second pair of dry footwear
  • harness (bring if you have one, we can also make one from tape)
  • helmet (bicycle or earthquake helmets are OK)
  • fleece/jumper
  • rain/wind gear (top and bottom)
  • headlamp w/extra batteries
  • onsen towel
  • we can share my stove and one other person's
  • I will bring 1 large pot and 1 medium size pot

Travel Details, Meeting Time & Place (旅行の詳細, 集合時間と場所):

Friday, 20 Nov
19:30 - Asakadai Station (North Exit)/Kita-Asaka Station (East Exit) at McDonald's
21:00 - Shinagawa or Funabashi (depending on people's preference)

Cost (estimate) per person:

8,000yen - transportation (estimate)

OCJ is funded by 500yen event attendance (up to 3 days). Collected by organizer who sends half of that to the club PayPal account for website costs.

Takaminagawa map.jpg
Takaminagawa scenery 2.jpg
Takaminagawa climb.jpg
Takaminagawa cement track.jpg
Takaminagawa scenery 3.jpg
Sanmongawa map.jpg
Sanmongawa waterfall.jpg
Sanmongawa ropes.jpg
Sanmongawa tunnel.JPG
Chiba onsen.JPG
Dutch oven eggs.jpg
Chiba coast.JPG
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Hi Adam, count me in on this one. I can bring my camping stove as the second one.

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I’m in too thumbsup I may bring my painting kit because probably we are not in rush. Asuka