Tokyo Disneyland - Monday, July 7th

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Tokyo Disneyland - Monday, July 7th

Post by Mayu »

Now planned on Monday, 7/7 full day. Details to be updated later when participants are confirmed.UPDATE:
Due to an urgent work matter I cannot make today's event in the daytime. Instead, we can meet up for the evening entrance (the evening ticket is for 6 - 10 p.m., 3,400 yen) IF Andy (already signed up) can make it. If interested, please sign up! Today's crowd is supposed to be not so bad (usual weekday level, less crowded in the evening). Whether forecast is only cloudy, no rain.

After hearing from Andy, I'll update again (maybe around noon). If not today, will plan again for probably Monday, July 7.


So, who is interested in feeling mesmerized and having endless giggles, laughters, excitement, and screaming just like a kid, in this unparalleled dreamy world called Disneyland?

I'm assuming many of us have already gone to the '2nd most visited theme park in the world' (after Magic Kingdom in Florida, followed by Disneyland in L.A.) since it's "just around the corner" for us Tokyo Area residents, but maybe some still have not had a chance to visit there yet. So, shall we plan the OCJ's very first visit to Disneyland and try (effortlessly) climbing on fake mountains that are called "space" and 'thunder"?!

Our 1st choice of date is Monday, June 30


- weekday promotion for Tokyo Area residents (11% off) runs till Monday, July 7, and
- expected crowd for June 30 is  'E' (out of A-F grade), which is very good:

If people prefer joining after 6 p.m., we can meet up inside the park and enjoy till the park closes at 22:00. 'After 6 Passport' is only 3,400 yen!

Tickets can be purchased online, at convenient stores, or at the entrance on the same day, and we can arrange the purchases beforehand so we can save time before entering.

Oh, Jungle Cruise is 'off' till later this year due to an alteration, but everything else is on 6/30 incl. the two mountains.

Alternatively, if people prefer, I can plan a Fujikyu Highland trip. Been curious about the new rides and they have the scariest haunted hospital ever. Fujikyu can be a 1-day trip or combined with a camp trip around Fuji. I think. Fujikyu boasts the world's top class roller coasters in terms of their uniqueness and speed. I'll be glad to plan a trip if anyone is up for the authentic screams!

If interested, please reply with:
#1. Disney or Fujikyu
#2. Preferred Date/Day (June, July, Aug, Sep... Mon thru Sun, day or night, etc.)


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I will go...
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Post by Mayu »

This event closed due to pouring rain today. Will plan again later this year - maybe September - for either Land or Sea.