Fri 31st January: Ueno - Okachimachi Social Night 7pm~ (standing bar + yakitori)

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Fri 31st January: Ueno - Okachimachi Social Night 7pm~ (standing bar + yakitori)

Post by Adam »

This is one of Andy's recommendations in an interesting neighborhood in an area with alleyways, many small bars, and yakitori restaurants. Last year at this time we went and had a good night out.

Friday 31st January
Main Meeting Place: Niku No Ohyama from 7pm-8pm

They specialize in korokke コロッケ (croquette) and メンチ (breaded deep-fried ground meat patties). They also sell Saporros for 295yen.
We use the standing area in front of the shop or inside near the counter area. You can ask people for OCJ or use the mChat to contact one of us.

Buy your own drinks and food.

Google Map ... 139.775242

Shop website

Photo of Oyama ... 139.775242


Around 9:00 we'll head to one of the yakitori shops. There is one under the train tracks with nice tables outside, and is very casual. It's usually a busy spot, but we should be able to get some tables this time of the year. Wear something warm in case we end up outside. Once we decide on a place to eat, I'll post a message on this page so late members can find us.

We'll share the cost of food, but for those who drink, please keep track of your drinks and we'll each pay for them separately.

The neighborhood is worth exploring. It's a market area and has over a hundred small shops. Andy has recommended Foot Monkey in the past. They sometimes have deals on winter boots. London Sports in nearby Ogawamachi has outdoor apparel with cheap prices. You'll need to sift through their boxes. The quality is pretty good for the price. I bought a warm winter hat there for 1,000yen last year and it's still going strong.

London Sports - ... authuser=0

Please reply to this post to join.

Niku no Ohyama out.png
Niku no Oyama inside.png
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Takashi Kanazashi

Post by Takashi Kanazashi »

Hello, Adam. I'm Takashi Kanazashi, a new member of the OCJ, registering just yesterday. Nozomi took me out twice, cycling and climbing, and invited me to this club. I want to get to know more members, and Friday night will suit me perfectly :-* Can I join you for the social night, even if I can't drink any alcohol?

Post by Adam »

Hello Takashi. I'm glad you're interested. Yes, of course you may join without drinking. The first stop (Ohyama) we will pay for everything individually. At the second stop (yakitori) we'll pay for food as a group and people will keep track of their drinks and pay for what they drink.

See you on Friday!

Post by Kushal »

Sorry guys can't make this one. Have fun!

Post by Nozomi »

Hi Adam,

I’ll join. Thank you for organizing:)


Post by Vidal »

I'm coming too 8) gotta try those ameyoko specialties.

Post by Asuka »

Hi everyone - I’m coming too :D see you on Friday~ Asuka
Takashi Kanazashi

Post by Takashi Kanazashi »

Thanks, Adam, for allowing me to join you on Friday evening.
It took me a while to get back to you, since I came back from a marathon on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, just last night.
I often take part in marathon and triathlon races, but I climb mountains less often.

And thanks, Nozomi, Vidal, and Asuka, for your messages.
I can't wait to see you there.
Let's eat something hot and keep warm on a cold evening. :P

Post by Mayumi »

Hi Adam, I will join too! I might be catch you up at the Yakitori place at 9ish but will make sure to bring all the gears for Sunday ;)

Post by Adam »

Mayumi wrote: Tue Jan 28, 2020 8:31 pm I might be catch you up at the Yakitori place at 9ish
Sounds good Mayumi. We'll save a seat for you at the yakitori spot.

Everyone, we are gathering at Ohyama between 7 and 8. Once we have 6-8 memebers, we'll head to a nearby yakitori-style place for some more refreshments. I will post the location of that spot on the top and bottom of this event page as soon as we have settled in (maybe around 9).

I think our group will be more people than have signed up, so we'll probably have more than one table.

Also, wear something warm, we may end up sitting outdoors.

Looking forward to a night out on the town!

Post by Tamara »

Hi all, i'll finish work at 7:30 try to catch up asap.

Post by Takashi »

Wow! Finally I can join.
It's been long.
I'll come and see you.
Takashi Kanazashi

Post by Takashi Kanazashi »

Thanks for the info, Adam.
And I see Tamara and Takashi will join us tonight.
I'm Takashi, too, so for the sake of distinction, call me by my English nickname, Frederic, or Fred.
I'll be there at 7, wearing a blue overcoat and gray trousers, without glasses.
Let me leave you after 8, since I have some important meeting tomorrow morning.
See you then.

Post by Adam »

We are 2nd floor... And will make a space for you.

Yakitori Bunraku やきとり 上野文楽
6 Chome-12-1 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0005
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Post by Mayumi »

Hi, I’m heading to 文楽 now. Atsushi and his wife will be coming too.