Golden Week 2022 May3-5th (?)- OCJ Camp, Hiking, BBQ

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Golden Week 2022 May3-5th (?)- OCJ Camp, Hiking, BBQ

Post by Ataylor1975 »

Hello OCJ-keteers,

Anyone up for doing a Golden week trip? If anyone has any ideas i am willing to chip in my time and effort if we can get some numbers up.

Please reply here if interested.

// Alex ;D
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Post by Andy OCJ »

These places are good at Gweek- less crowded than most places. Suggested May 3rd - 5th (or from the 30th if people have time off)

The Best!

1. Shimonita-machi in Gunma (government campsite)

Looks like it will be open at Golden Week - call them about group size and any other changes due to covid.

ほたる山公園 キャンプ- Hotaruyama - Firefly Mountain ... 01/02.html

Usually warm and all flowers out at the same time- plum, cherry blossom, wisteria, mountain azaelia - tsutsuji. OCJ had many great trips here.
You will need to check the campsite is open and about covid restrictions - number allowed on campsite. It is a government campsite near the station and cheap (around 1000yen for 3 people in own tents) . Great onsen 200m away. Need your own tent or share.
Mountains here are very special- Nanmoku Jyoshu yama. A lot of unusual rocky mountains and a large selection of routes for beginners and advanced.



080503shimonita048B.jpg (44.19 KiB) Viewed 2355 times

2. Wild or semi-wild camp near famous Myougi mountain (2 spots)
Access from Yokokawa JR station. Walk in 1 hour 20 minutes or taxi share about 1,400yen/person. The Kokumin-shukusha lodge is now closed but people camp there unofficially. Fantastic rock views.
Further up the track road you can also wild camp by stream (near bridge) under maple trees...also at the end of the track higher up. This track is an easy hike to the Shimonita-machi valley to the south.

Middle of page photos:

There is one easy trail up to the ridge of ura-myougi where you can see the rock cliffs all around. You have to return the same way down as the other paths are difficult.



3. The is a wild camp spot at the end of Nippara valley in Okutama.
Great spot by stream in wild natural forest.
Walk back along track or cross then nippara river and hike up to the ridge and down to Okutama lake - quite an easy path.

4. Beautiful wild valley Matsuki Gorge (past the mine) in Ashio/Nikko

photos/index.php?/search/5 ... y-480.html

Great place for a couple of nights camping by river. Fantasic rock gorge scenery like the Alps. Also lots of wild animals here. There is a hiking path to Chuzenjiko lake as well. Easy access home that way on the Tobu line.



Koushinzan lodge- 庚申山荘 near Ashio

As an extra 1-2 days there is a free (donation) lodge or camp in forest near strange rocks. You need to share a short taxi ride to get there but cheap. Koushinzan lodge- 庚申山荘




I know a couple more wild camp spots.