Sun 9th December: Badminton (バドミントン) 5.30-8.30pm in Oojima/Kameido.

Anyone can attend. Usually no event fee except if hire costs or overnight events.
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Sun 9th December: Badminton (バドミントン) 5.30-8.30pm in Oojima/Kameido.

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Sun 9th December: Badminton (バドミントン) 5.30-8.30pm in  Oojima/Kameido.

Even if I go hiking Sunday I will carry badminton stuff and go there afterwards.

There is a badminton club playing near Kameido station on the Sobu line (about 10 minutes from Akihabara). Also near Oojima stations on the subway (club fee is 1,000en for 2 courts and high quality feather shuttles).

2 courts - 1 for beginners and another for higher level. I have spare racquets and the organizer has too. Usually about 15 people but recently more popular.

Location is Kametaka Shogakko. 亀高小学校

Map:,139.835315&sspn=0.016731,0.033023&geocode=FViUIAIdR7NVCCE58A5tesCPoQ%3BFXN_IAIdOrJVCA&mra=ls&dirflg=w&brcurrent=3,0x601888f3c5a4882b:0x3b47a5cd845c785,1&t=m&z=15&vpsrc=0I will not be logging in the website Sunday probably so replies will not be read.
If you want to go - go there yourself or call me around 4pm ... 090
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