Fri 8th: Outdoor shop tour - part 2. Maybe Thai or Korean dinner.

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Fri 8th: Outdoor shop tour - part 2. Maybe Thai or Korean dinner.

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After Thursday night some people still need to buy gear so will be going again.

Ogawamachi London Sports
Not as cheap as before (!!??). Down jackets used to be 3,500en or less and now 6,000en (but good).
Some good jackets - rain/wind wear but not cheap at 9,000en. But still cheaper than outdoor shop ones.

Sakaiya has some sleeping bags on sale. Best one I saw was small shop in Ochanomizu. A -18C Isuka down sleeping bag for 25,000en. Its older model but ok.
ICI sports - crap... waste of time.
We went to Aroina tabeta cheap Thai restaurant in Yurakucho - good.
Food and drink= 1,550en/person.


Start Okachimachi on the Yamanote like next to Akihabara.
TIME TO BE DECIDED AND POSTED HERE  at 5pm- meeting time will be about 6pm.

ODBox - check sale items (boots, sleeping bag). Mat and waterproof clothing.
Near ODbox - check London Sports for boots, down jackets and fleeces.
Also other discount shops near there and Uniqulo sale (thermals, fleece, down jackets)

Maybe go to Nippin in Akihabara or just go direct to Nippin in Ochanomizu area. Check Mizuno rainwear and also Sakaiya outlet clothing.
Shops close at 8pm so we need to be in Ochanomizu area before 7pm.

Meeting Time and Place
TIME TO BE DECIDED AND POSTED HERE  at 5pm - meeting time will be about 6pm at the north exit of Okachimachi station.
Check back here 5.15pm.

Call Andy for information
Maybe special cheap Korean place in Ueno afterwards. Recommended by Korean working/living in Japan ... he nevers goes to Okubo area.

Cheap, lots of pork dishes, nice atmosphere with lots of locals. Crowded until 9pm so ok for group later in the evening maybe:
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