Zushi Beach, August 11th, Sunday

Anyone can attend. Usually no event fee except if hire costs or overnight events.
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Post by Robina »


Thanks for your message!  えー!ヨハンニ来られないのぉー?ツッコミ役がいなくて困るぅー。 :(
Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy this weekend, whatever you do!  Have a nice weekend, Juhanic!

Post by rcerruto »

I will join and will bring a couple Frisbees.

Post by Robina »

Satoko san,

Thanks for your kind message!  Probably I will not organize a beach event later, as there will be many jelly fishes after 15th.  But I hope that we can meet up at another event!  Have a fantastic day in Tanzawa!  Many thanks and enjoy!

Post by Robina »

Sachie chan,

Hello.  I am happy to have you again this weekend.  I am looking forward to seeing you again, Sachie-san.  Thanks.  :)

Post by Robina »


Wow, are you going to bring Frisbee?  I am terrible at it, but we can try!  (I know that you are not saying that you want to play it with me!  Hahaha).  Thanks for coming and I am looking forward to seeing you again, Rich.  :)

Post by Sanae »

Hi Robina-san,

The swim suit arrived this morning and it fit so please count me officially in!!! I will look forward to seeing you! cheerleader

Tomo Komuro

Post by Tomo Komuro »

This event sounds great!
Can I join it?


Post by izoomer »

Hi Please count me in!

Post by Robina »

Sanae san,

Thanks for your confirmation.  Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Post by Robina »

Tomo san,

Yes, please come.  I already gave the details on meeting and so please check it out.
Thank you.

Post by Robina »

Izumi san,

Thank you for joining us Sunday.  See you soon!

Post by bick »

I'm a little late replying, but Claire and I would like to join, if the group isn't already too big.  Is it alright if we tag along?

Post by clackner »

Hi Kuniko-san,

I'm RSVP'ing for myself, can we still join on Sunday?


Post by Robina »

Steve and Clair,

Yes please join us Sunday.  You are most welcome. :D

See you soon! 8)

Post by Maria »

Hi Robina-san

Thank you for planning such a nice event.
I would like to join. but is it too late?

This is first time for me to joint the event of OCJ.
So I am a little nervous...  :-[

But I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Post by Robina »

Maria San

Thank you for your sign up.
Yes it is still ok.  Please join us tomorrow.
We will have both new members and regular members and so
You don't need to be nervous at all.

See you tomorrow! :)

Post by Maria »


I am sorry I am lost:(
I got to wrong place and now heading to the meeting point .
Please go ahead to the beach and I wil try to find the beach house.