Links: Outdoor Info, Great Places

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Links: Outdoor Info, Great Places

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Secret Japan
Site in English and French with lots of information about hot springs.

Great Places

Mountpia Campsite, Kurobera, Yamanashi (マウントピア黒平)

マウントピア黒平 Great cottages to stay in which are excellent value. The staff are very friendly - Ichiro the manager speaks English and was brought up in the area. There are new paths made by Ichiro and old trails in all directions. Kinpu / Mizugaki San nearYakushima - Jerry’s Camp Site & Mandala Guest House

This is such a beautiful scenic spot with the mountain in the background (mochomudake). On the south coast of Yakushima at Onoaida.
The owners Rainer and Naoko are very interesting and friendly. I had a great time there.

In spring many flowers out around the camp area with mountain and sea view. Rainer looks after bees and I was lucky enough to learn something and try fresh royal jelly straight from the young queens.

Hot springs nearby and huge waterfalls. I could swim in the river in April.

If you go to Yakushima try and stay there. Highly recommended!Groups & Activities

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