West Tokyo Social - Sherlock Holmes pub August 24th

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West Tokyo Social - Sherlock Holmes pub August 24th

Post by edKiwi »

Saturday August 24th: OCJ social night @ Sherlock Holmes pub - start around 7pm

How about a social night on west Tokyo for those members who live on the west side of Tokyo.

I will organize a hiking event over there to compliment this social event soon. I chose Mitake instead of Takao because of the heat. Hopefully the waterfalls will make the place cool.

Anyone can join this event - sign up is best.

I have been there before, They serve good beer there and they have food similar to the Hub.A casual social event (not managed).

How to get to the Sherlock Holmes pub:

The easy way is come out of North exit of JR Hachioji station and head in the direction of Nishihachioji.

Sherlock Holmes Pub, Misaki-cho 4-1 (2 minutes from the station north exit, on the pedestrian arcade to the left), 0426-27-4869. For once, a pub in Tokyo that's English, not Irish.


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Post by Sonoko »

Is it OK to join only the social part? I'm not sure if I can make it at this point, but I'm interested.

Post by edKiwi »


Yes. It is OK to join only the social part.

See you there


Post by mimi »


I'd like to sign up for this event.
Hachioji is my hometown. :)
Stuart Strauss

Post by Stuart Strauss »

I have hiked Takao 2 times with out, and 2 times with my dog.  I would love to join the party, but am really looking for good places to go with a dog.  Any ideas?  (Takao is getting TOOOOOOO crowded)

(My dog can board trains in a 'buggy' and is very people friendly.  medium size, Sheltie)

Post by edKiwi »


Thanks to Stuart, and Mimi for signing up.

Not sure if they would allow your dog up the Mitake cable car. Sorry. I hope you can find a good place to take your dogs hiking with you.