READ FIRST - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) よく尋ねられる質問

Anyone can attend. Usually no event fee except if hire costs or overnight events.
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We do not answer questions about your private holiday events
Anyone can attend - just reply to event topic.
You accept legal responsibility for yourself, your property, and travel arrangments if attending these events.
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READ FIRST - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) よく尋ねられる質問

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FAQ - よく尋ねられる質問

We do not answer questions about places in Japan or your travel plans (unless you can pay for that service).
I  do not speak English well, can I still join?
Yes of course! People try to use simple English - many members also use Japanese, and another Japanese person will always help if you have a problem understanding.
Hi. I am living and working in Tokyo. I found this site and interested. Price is very reasonable. Do you feel strange if I join alone?
一人で参加する方もいらっしゃいますか ??
Most of our members join 'alone'. Our members are very friendly and you will soon make many friends - no problem at all.

I read your FAQ page twice before emailing you and it does not contain any information about non-members simply learning about upcoming events.
You can see the event titles and dates in the list. You can register to see more details - there is no membership fee.

Most events are in the Kanto area around Tokyo and Alps. There are events to other places in Japan but not so often. Most members live around Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Yamanashi, Gunma... some in Tochigi and Ibaragi.

For overnight camping events you need your own camping gear, or try and borrow from a member. The club no longer has equipment due to damage and problems.
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