Sun 2nd December: Badminton (バドミントン) 5.30-8.30pm in Oojima/Kameido.

Anyone can attend. Usually no event fee except if hire costs or overnight events.
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Sun 2nd December: Badminton (バドミントン) 5.30-8.30pm in Oojima/Kameido.

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Sun 2nd December: Badminton (バドミントン) 5.30-8.30pm in  Oojima/Kameido.

I will carry badminton stuff on the hike Sunday and go there afterwards. Will confirm Saturday ... depend on sign up if people want to see the Chichibu Yomatsuri festival after the hike.There is a badminton club playing near Kameido station on the Sobu line (about 10 minutes from Akihabara). Also near Oojima stations on the subway (club fee is 1,000en for 2 courts and high quality feather shuttles).

2 courts - 1 for beginners and another for higher level. I have spare racquets and the organizer has too. Usually about 12-15 people.

Location is Kametaka Shogakko. 亀高小学校

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