REMINDER Fri 31st May: OCJ social night - cheap bar

Anyone can attend. Usually no event fee except if hire costs or overnight events.
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REMINDER Fri 31st May: OCJ social night - cheap bar

Post by guey27 »

Fri 31st May: OCJ social night - cheap bar

Guests / visitors can attend this event - please leave a message by replying to this topic.

From 7.30pm but can arrive later like 8pm

Tachinomi  cheap standing bar (立ち呑み もつくし)



Very cheap grill/ yakitori/ snack standing bar (map directions and pics below). Beer 390, shouchu sour 290.
Lots of small cheap dishes and yakitori.
Shop rule - everyone has to buy 1 drink and 1 snack - about 400en. There are cheap non-alcoholic drink!

There is an 'all you want to drink' plan - 980yen for 2 hours.

Maps - look for the map 'pin' for the cheap standing bar.,139.77334&spn=0.002701,0.006539

Tachinomi (?)  cheap bar (立ち呑み もつくし)

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Anyone going?

I can be there for about 8pm if someone reply... and Shigeru confirms hes going.
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