Zushi Beach, August 11th, Sunday

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Zushi Beach, August 11th, Sunday

Post by Robina »

[Update] 1) Requests and 2) Meeting time and place

It is a big group already and some people may want to leave earlier than the group on the day.  If you leave earlier than I, please let me know by asking someone to pass on the message to me, sending a message onto my OCJ account, or write something on the sign-up pages.  Otherwise, we might look for you or wait for you when we leave.  Also I want to make sure that everyone went home safely.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Meeting time: 10:30am
Meeting place: Vahanas’ bar

This is the meeting point from JR Zushi station and Shinzushi Station on Keikyu line.  Please check the website below. 

For non-native speakers of Japanese:  The station on the right side in this map is Shinzushi station on Keikyu line, and the one on the left side is Zushi station on JR line.  If you follow as the numbers show in the map, you will reach No. 4.  That’s Vahana’s bar built of thatch.  You can also see the picture of this bar on the website above. 

You can also see the pictures of pass points.  The first several pictures are for people coming from Shinzushi station on Keikyu line. The rest is for people from JR Zushi station.

It is about 15 minutes walk from the stations to the beach. So it should be 5 or 10 minutes walk from the stations to the meeting place.

Just in case, what if you couldn’t come on time, you can come to the beach house directly.  Probably you can find us at the beach house or in the sea around there.

‘Bomba’, our beach house, is located next to the steps, and its location number is West 18.  You can check the map of the beach houses in Zushi, if you like on the website below.


Title and Date [タイトル, 日付]:  Zushi Beach (Kanagawa Prefecture), August 11th, Sunday.

It is likely to be blistering hot days this weekend and the highest temperature will be probably about 35 degrees.  So I am planning an excursion to Zushi beach on August 11th, Sunday.  You can swim, get tanned at the beach, nap/unwind at the beach house, etc., freely.    8) 8) 8)

We will stay at a Brazilian style beach house in Zushi beach, where you can enjoy BBQ, use shower and lockers and rent a sunbed and parasol.    cheerleader cheerleader cheerleader


Do not take alcohol before you swim.  This could cause water accidents.  This is the only one rule which I want the participants to follow.  But off course, you can take alcohol if it is after swim (which means you are NOT going back to the water any more) or you are NOT going to swim at all on the day.


Contact Details (and sign up conditions) [連絡先詳細(と参加の条件)]:
Meeting Time and Place [集合時間と場所]:Nearest stations:  Zushi station on JR line or Shinzushi station on Keikyu line. 
                                                                Meeting time and place will be given by Friday night.  But we will meet late morning. 

Cost [費用]:

This is a social event and so NO organizing fee is needed.

1500 yen for use of the beach house.
1000 yen for one plate BBQ lunch.
Spanish and Latin American food from 500 yen~

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Post by Hummingbird »


I am in!!
Thank you for always organizing such a nice plan!!


Post by Saya »

Wow wow, Robina-san.  cheerleader

This sounds too great!  cheerleader Let me in!!  :-*


Post by nico.duc »

Ahh this seems like fun!
Count me in!


Post by Jpyuriko »

Hi Robina-san,

I'd love to join in! This going to be a lot of fun ;)
- Yuriko
Akiko M

Post by Akiko M »

Hi Robina-san

I'd like to perticipate too!

Assistant of 瀬  :D

Post by Robina »

Yumiko san and Saya san,

Thank you for your sign ups!  I am looking forward to seeing you again this weekend! ;D


Post by Robina »

Hello Nico and Yuriko san,

Many thanks for coming this Sunday!  If you are going to swim, don’t forget to bring your swimming suits! cheerleader cheerleader



Post by Robina »

Akiko Mさん、

サインアップありがとうございます。Akiko Mさんがまた参加してくれるの、とっても嬉しいです。 :-*日曜日心待ちにしていまーす。 ;D

瀬川 瑛子

Post by guey27 »

I am in!  It will be a hot day so it will be very joyful.

Post by kiki »



I'm interested in this event.
But I have a question..
I sent a question by private message.
Could you read that, please?


Post by Robina »

Hi Shigeru,

Thank you for your sign up!  Yes, it is going to be so hot this weekend and so it will be perfect!  See you soon.


Post by Robina »

Hi Kimiko san,

Nice to meet you too!  Thank you for your sign up.  Yes, I read your personal message and it is ok to do that.  I will come back to you with more details later.  :D

See you Sunday!

Post by Sanae »

Hi Robina-san,

Thanks for organizing this great event.
I wish to attend this event as well!
I just purchased a new swim suit online as I couldn't fit into my old one....
If the size does not fit me, I may not be able to go.
Hope that will be ok...

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!!


Post by Robina »

Sanae san,

Thank you for your sign up!  Wow, you bought a new swimming suit?  Sounds nice.  I think that some people might not swim (actually as for me, even if I swim, I am going to wear T-shirt to avoid sunburn) and so it should be ok, even if your new one doesn’t suit you. 8) 8) 8)

Looking forward to seeing you, Sanae san.

Post by Micke »

I'll be there too 8)

Post by juc »

I'd like to go swimming but already made plans for this weekend :( Hopefully there will be more trips to the beach before summer is over!

Post by satokoizumi »

Robina san..

I wish I could split up myself in two...
I also want to join but I also want to go hiking..so..
I hope you and all enjoy a lot there ;)

let me know how is like in zama beach later :-*

Sachie Yoshimura

Post by Sachie Yoshimura »

Robina san,

I'd like to join this event, it sounds like a lot of fun!
(But It's my stand-by day and there's a small chance that I get called for work. In that case I'll let you know in advance!)

Thank you for organizing this event cheerleader
Sachie ;D

Post by Robina »

Hi Mika chan,

Off course!  You don’t need to sign up.  I had already put you in the participants’ list. Hehehe.  ;)
Thanks and see you soon!